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JAN 2009

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COAT SG SERIES ANTI-SLIP COATINGS when the going gets tough... we get tougher. Foot traffic, vehicle traffic, heat, cold, the relentless effects of weather... With these kinds of forces stacked against you, it's essential to have a coating that can rise to the challenge - one that you can have confidence in to remain strong and effective no matter how hard you use or abuse it. Wearcoat® non-slip and incredibly tough, Wearcoat® floor coatings define durability. Easy to apply, easy to clean, will give you the edge you need to get the job done - safely and efficiently. Call us today or check us out on the web. Our expert staff is ready to help with any coating needs you have... COATINGS FOR INDUSTRY, INC. Call us today – 215-723-0919 Fax 215-723-0911 Serving the concrete flooring, structural steel, transportation and aerospace industries for over 35 years. Write in Reader Inquiry #1

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