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JAN 2009

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Even though a specified coating is VOC-compliant, the PPE requirements can vary greatly. Contractors must be aware of those costs before bidding on the project. not specifying the correct CP system. The CP system for internal linings in a cold water climate is vastly different than for one in a hot climate. The exterior protect ive coat ing desires of the owner of a tank located on the back side of a ref inery can be vast ly di f ferent than that same tank located alongside a major f reeway t ravel led by 50,000 cars a day. A perfect ly good two coat epoxy system on the tank behind the ref inery can 30 CoatingsPro J January 2009 provide at least 20 years of corrosion- f ree service, but it won't look too good since the epoxy wi l l begin to chalk within the f irst six months of service. Add to this the fact that many companies use their elevated storage tanks as advertising for their company or their products by using high gloss logos on the side of the tanks. Pity the poor applicator who does not question that in the pre-bid or pre-job conference. PRINCIPLE No. 4 — Know your coatings manufacturer and the representative that you deal with. A manufac turer 's represent at ive who has a good technical grasp of his products is worth his weight in gold. He can guide the specif ier into the choice of the proper products for par t icular service and/or environ- mental requirements. He can also be a great support for the contractor when problems arise on a job site for unforeseen reasons. A specif ier and/ or a contractor would be wise to steer clear of a manufacturer's represen- tat ive who sel ls by being the lowest cost producer. In today's economy, the owner's emphasis is usually on the longest service life before first mainte- nance. Most of ten the coating system that gives the longest service li fe is Rosemont Tank photo provided courtesy of the Tnemec Company Inc. and Jetco Painting

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