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ABOVE Given that both sites remained open to the public, there could be absolutely no dust and no odor. This meant that any prep work would have to be done on the third shift, late at night, to avoid the public — not an easy chore considering that the floors are located in the dining halls of two of the resort's busiest hotels. And although the work was scheduled to take place in September — at the tail end of the busy season — the areas would still be full of tourists relaxing over their meals. ABOVE floor system had been applied at approx. 120 mils in a specified color, Rader explains that "we'd then seal the floor with a roller-applied clear coat." Using Luco short-nap rollers, the crew would seal the decorated floors with a 10-mil thick application of Dur-A-Glaze Clear. Then it was time to move on to the next 1,300 sq. ft., and the next color. "Typically, the design guys would come in to work in the late afternoon and do the layout with a chalk line so that the night guys knew where to put the colors." Once 1,300 sq. ft. of the Dur-A-Chip polymer/epoxy resin Write in Reader Inquiry #218 34 CoatingsPro J January 2009

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