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JAN 2009

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GXZX )+( dg_ ^ljkj (++ dg_ ^ljkj@b\ ?l^f ()' dg_ ^ljkj K_\p ki`\[ kf k\Xi fli iff]j XgXik% K_\p ]X`c\[% The superiority of our roofing system design has been proven over and over. Our fluid applied cool roof systems have been tested in the roughest condi- tions, in any climate and latitude. They out-performed the competition again and again. Both the Hydro-Stop and United ROOF MATE Plus Waterproofing Systems meet and exceed the FMRC approval requirements. Installing our fluid applied cool roof systems benefit the building, your wallet and our planet. Just consider the benefits of a sustainable, cool roof that will make LEED scores jump. Consider the benefits of a Class A Fire Rated, hurricane proof system designed to withstand severe hail, foot traffic and endure severe weathering regardless of temperature. Consider our roof systems as a durable shield that will waterproof the building come what may. Think about a sustainable warranty that lasts for the life of the building. With no exclusion areas. Consider how much will be saved over the life of the building, at installation and on maintenance. CALL US FOR THE NEXT SUSTAINABLE ROOF YOU INSTALL. JFLK?<8JK (+-, G`g\Ôkk\i Jki\\k :_Xic\jkfe# J:# )0+', G1 /+*$.+,$0-'' Kfcc =i\\1 /''$.*0$,,-- =1 /+*$.+,$0-') _p[if$jkfg%Zfd JFLK?N

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