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JAN 2009

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JOB AT A GLANCE for more than 10 years, and they are well versed in the proper prepa- ration and application techniques for all of the manufacturer's products. Johnson explained that Roof Mate is a water-based, high- solids elastomeric coating that utilizes the latest advances in acrylic technology. Given his comfort level with this time-tested product, he felt that Roof Mate could provide the excellent durability, weath- erability, and resistance to algae, mold, and ultraviolet exposure that the resort needed. "The coastal location of this building demands quality building materials across the board, but nowhere is that more evident than on the roof," commented Johnson. "United Coatings' Roof Mate offers protection against water, sunlight, and abrasion, the three biggest factors in the degradation of this roof." Available in a number of standard colors, Roof Mate is often used as a finish coat to provide rooftops with increased reflectiv- ity and reduced energy costs. For this project, Johnson selected Roof Mate as the base coat, which would later be covered by the green-tinted Acryclad topcoat due to its strong record for water- proofing performance and competitive pricing compared to similar products. An advanced acrylic emulsion finish, Acryclad offers additional resistance to UV rays. It exhibits a satin sheen that is both aesthetically appealing and functional, as it helps to release dirt and pollution from the coated surface. Available in an unlimited number of custom colors, the Acryclad was factory-formulated to match the previous roof system, enabling Commercial Roofing to provide the resort with the signature green rooftop that it desired. "Acryclad offers a wide color selection," commented Johnson. "When the owners mentioned that they wanted their new rooftop to maintain its green appearance, I knew almost immediately that we were going to use this product." ROOF COATIN' IN PARADISE Before the six-man, Commercial Roofing crew could apply the United Coatings system, they first had to remove the existing rust. After accessing the 50-foot high roof via stationary ladders attached to the exterior wall on the building's top floor or simple extension ladders, they utilized ExCell 2750 and X-Stream 3500 brand water-powered pressure washers that sprayed a flat, six-inch stream of water. To negate the potential damage that could be caused by salt blowing onto the steel rooftop from the Gulf, Commercial broke the project into manageable, 3,000-square-foot sections that could be completed in a day's time. Johnson said his crew did not have to apply a chloride remover between each phase of the project — power wash, cleaning, and final coating — because the smaller sections allowed them to work quickly enough that the salt was not an issue. The ExCell operated at 2750 psi, while the X-Stream was utilized at 3,500 psi. For areas of the roof that were beyond repair, Commercial used sheet metal snips to cut out the existing panels and replaced them with new metal. The new panels were mechani- cally fastened through the existing metal with standard fasteners, and attached directly to the building's steel structure. PROJECT: Repair and recoat 120,000 sq. ft. light-gauge steel standing seam metal roof at popular ocean-front resort COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Commercial Roofing, LLC 8001 Edith Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87113 (505) 341-2380 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: Varied; a six-man crew worked this project PRIME CLIENT: Port Royal Ocean Resorts and Conference Center 6317 St. Hwy 361 Port Aransas, TX 78373 (800) 242-1034 SUBSTRATE: Light-gauge steel standing seam metal roof SUBSTRATE CONDITION: Minimal rusting and leakage SIZE: 120,000 sq. ft. DURATION: Approximately 5 months UNUSUAL FACTORS: Resort to remain open during work Beachfront location meant that weather was a constant concern Beachfront location meant that crews had to constantly battle winds, switching from spray equipment to rollers when it became too windy MATERIALS/PROCESS: Clean steel substrate with power wash using ExCell 2750 and Using pressure washers, spray-apply United Cleaning Concentrate to prep substrate and remove any contaminates X-Stream 3500 pressure washers Replace rusted panels with new steel panels Using Graco GH733 pumps and Silver Plus guns with RAC X #635 Using same hydraulic spray equipment, spray-apply 4-mil thick top coat of Acryclad onto roof tips, spray-apply 35-mil thick coat of United Coating's Roof Mate Basecoat onto roof SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Working in an open resort required extra precautions Hard hats and safety apparel were required on site Weekly tailgate safety meetings were held Fall protection precautions — including tie-offs and safety harnesses — were needed January 2009 J 43

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