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JAN 2009

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After power-washing the surface with United Cleaning Concentrate (UCC), which flushes contaminates from the substrate, Commercial Roofing began to spray-apply the Roof Mate Basecoat directly to the metal roof surface. Using a Graco hydraulic system including a GH733 spray pump, Silver Plus gun, and RAC X #635 tip, they applied the Roof Mate at a ratio of 45:1 and a total thickness of 35 mils. To minimize overspray, they left a 10' edge around the rooftop perimeter, and using ½" nap rollers, they roller-applied the remainder of the coating. ABOVE way. He pointed out that other construction-related operations were taking place at the hotel, including a repainting of the entire exterior façade, so guests were aware that there would be a mainte- nance presence during their stay. Johnson also said that his crews did not start working until VENDOR TEAM BE PRESSURE SUPPLY INC. Pressure washers CAPITAL SAFETY Safety Equipment 3833 SALA Way M & S SERVICE, INC. ExCell pressure washers 739 Airway Drive Allegan, MI 49010-8507 (800) 475-5660 Red Wing, MN 55066-5005 (800) 328-6146 DEWALT Safety equipment E.A.R. SPECIALTY COMPOSITES Safety equipment (877) 327-4332 GRACO Spray equipment P.O. Box 1441 SAFEWAZE Safety equipment Aero Technologies 8001 Woodland Drive Indianapolis, IN 46278 (800) 225-9038 UNITED COATINGS Coatings 19011 E. Cataldo Spokane Valley, WA 99016 (800) 541-4383 Minneapolis, MN 55440 (877) 844-7226 ABOVE Working on a wind-swept roof meant that safety was a crucial factor throughout the course of the job. "Safety is a component of our everyday business practices because when you're working at these heights, there's no such thing as too safe," says Johnson. From surface prep to final inspection, every roofer was tied off using SafeWaze fall protection including full-body harnesses, lanyards, 50 1/2' safety rope, self-tracking rope grabs, and reusable roof anchors. They also donned leather or rubber gloves (as necessary), DeWalt safety glasses, and E.A.R. disposable earplugs. slightly after 9:00 am, which is later than normal. They did this so guests could sleep longer from what was most likely a busy day before. Starting late had dual purposes for Commercial, as it both accommodated the busy guests as well as allowed the dew on the rooftop to dry before beginning and completing the day's work on the next section of the roof. If the coating were applied to a dewy roof, the integrity of the system would have been compromised. The hard-working crew also left the jobsite earlier than normal — around 5:00 pm each day — to allow the recently applied coating enough time to dry before the evening dew rolled in off the Gulf, which would have also compromised the system. Thankfully, Acryclad conforms to all federal and state air pollu- tion standards and emits no toxic or objectionable odors. Featuring a below-average level of VOCs, Acryclad allowed Commercial Roofing to re-coat the rooftop with minimal impact on the guests and staff. That's a good thing, because, according to Johnson, Commercial Roofing had other things to worry about. "The location of this building made a spray application very difficult," he said. "We had to continually monitor the wind to ensure that the coating was not blowing off of the roof and into guest areas. We were constantly watching the wind, and if we noticed that it was going to become a problem, we simply switched over to a roller application to elimi- nate the chances for overspray." While Johnson was worrying about the direction of the wind throughout the application, he knew that Port Royal would not have to worry about its new roof system for a long time because of the 15-year warranty offered by United Coatings. "We've installed a lot of roofing material and sprayed down a lot of coatings, and very few manufacturers back up their products and take care of their custom- ers the way United Coatings does," said Johnson. "This roof system will be protecting guests and shining bright for a long time." CP 46 CoatingsPro J January 2009

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