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JAN 2009

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ABOVE After the fountain had been blasted, the Aquatic crew spray- applied Polycoat Polyprime 21, a two-component, epoxy-polyamine primer. "We laid down in one pass 25 mils of Polyprime 21 using phenolic resin-core rollers with ¾" nap," Dunkel says. "We hit all the gaps, penetrations, angles, and returns for underwater lights with brushes. With the whole crew working, it took about three hours." ABOVE Although he was working with a four-man crew, Dunkel him- self manned the spray hose for the polyurea application — three passes of Polyeuro 5502 to a total thickness of 90 mils DFT. "I crosshatch as I go, while building up the pass," says Dunkel. "I work in pie shapes to help control mil thickness. On the corners, you just make sure you get a good angle at it by getting good position on your body." Write in Reader Inquiry #142 50 CoatingsPro J January 2009

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