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JAN 2009

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"It's critically important to maintain a 50/50 mix when apply- ing products such as Polycoat's 5502," Dunkel states. He prefers to spray at about 2,600 psi and closely monitors his heated hoses to maintain 170°F, input and output. "Always have a guy sitting at the machine watching the ratios!" Dunkel says. "We have a rule. Any time the machine goes high 100 lbs. on the A side, we shut it down. The B side we don't allow to vary at all. If it goes up even a bit, we shut it down." Dunkel has seen the results of uneven mixing in rare cases when he's been called upon to clean up another company's mess. He's somewhat loathe to offer a description. "If you get off-ratio your gun could clog or you'd have a product that doesn't cure," Dunkel says. "The polyurea will stick to your feet. It's a total mess. It takes a long time to clean up with MEK." TESTING THE WATERS It took Dunkel about three hours to complete each pass and he allowed three hours between consecutive coats. At the end of a very long day, he had emptied nearly four 50-gallon drum sets of polyurea into the fountain to form a monolithic, watertight membrane. Although the wedding was right around the corner, Dunkel had one more task to complete before he could give the okay to fill the fountain. Using a Spy-brand spark tester, Dunkel checked for pinholes in the membrane. "You have to know for sure when you leave a project that it holds water," says Dunkel. "I bought the spark tester a while ago when I had to look at (another company's work) that was plagued with pinholes. We had to tear the whole coating system out. It's a 'must do' investment for any containment company. It helps you sleep at night." The polyurea coating passed the pinhole test with flying colors, and the Aquatic Coatings crew began packing up their gear. Meanwhile, the maintenance crew from Skirball began filling up the fountain and readying the nearby area for the wedding. "We're all very proud that we were able to get them their fountain back, on time," Dunkel says. "It's a distinctive feature of the cultural complex. If the project dragged on, it would have completely wrecked the visual aesthetics of the center." It took the experience from two careers, aerospace machin- ery handling and polyurea pond creation, to complete the Skirball Fountain project on time. Without experience in both fields, the project might have become mired down. The cultural center might have lost an important part of their identity. The fountain might have become a financial drain for Aquatic Coatings. But it didn't turn out that way, and Aquatic Coatings is now happily knee deep in their next project. Editor's note: World of Concrete is the industry's largest international trade show. Held in Las Vegas, the annual event features products, tools, technology, and seminars by more than 1,700 industry suppliers. For more information, visit www. CP ! " # " Write in Reader Inquiry #267 Pump 9 ,&+1 &))&+$ 9 ,4 /"002/" -/ 6&+$ 9 11"/6 operated 9 +( %" 1"/ ")10 9 /$" 9 201,* modifications +(0 Products 9 "- &/ ,+ /"1" 4 /"%,20" floors – to include refrigerated warehouses down to -20˚F 9 &+ ) 2/" &+ *&+21"0 9 0 1%&+ 0 4 1"/8 )" 1, penetrate small cracks 9 ,4 1, +, ,/!"/ 9 coatings 9 /1/&!$"0 +! 2)( ,/(0 $/" 1 4&1% -,)&0%&+$ +! 9 % 3" &+ *&+21"0 9 & coating floors 9 ""10 requirements 9 + " &+01 ))"! &+ #/""7"/ #),,/ joints +! 9070 Center Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (909) 945-5530 Fax (909) 945-3009 Write in Reader Inquiry #229 January 2009 J 53 ,/(0 -"/#" 1)6 4%"+ -,)&0%&+$

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