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JAN 2009

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Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Con-Shield Technologies, Inc. J ProFILE 2009 With Conmic ® Shield® additive Without Conmic Shield® additive Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company Pr biotech armor for concrete Conmic Shield® is a revolutionary additive for concrete that stops the corrosion from hydrogen sulfide. (MIC) microbio- logical induced corrosion is the most common source of corrosion in concrete in the sanitary sewers. Cities are quick to realize that precast pipe and manholes with Conmic Conmic Shield® is neither a surface treatment nor a coating that can wear off, wash off, delaminate or peel. There is no loss of effectiveness over time since Conmic Shield® added have protection throughout the total cross section. Shield® is molecularly bonded to each cement particle. If the interior is damaged or eroded, the protection is still intact. Concern that the applicator did not get the surface properly prepared or the lining placed at the proper thickness is no longer a worry. full thickness internal protection. EPA approved for: Precast pipe and manholes, Ready Mix, Shotcrete and Rehab. Conmic Shield® has a proven performance with several case studies from many municipalities. Conmic Manholes within 30 feet of each other just 6 years after installation in Hampton, VA For less than the cost of a coating, you can enjoy the long-term effectiveness of fully-protected concrete pipe and structures. Conmic Shield® is Shield® has a 100 year design life and offers For case studies, specifications, or technical information go to or call us at (877) 543-2094. Write in Reader Inquiry #1611 Con-Shield Technologies Tenth Street NW #233 J Atlanta, GA 30318 (877) 543-2094 Concrete Solutions J ProFILE 2009 Concrete Solutions, Inc. is the manufacturer of Ultra Surface Products for the repair, restoration and beautification of existing concrete featuring superior concrete products and systems proven since 1986. In 1997, Concrete Solutions was first to introduce 1/4" stamped overlays at the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2002, in New Orleans, Spray-Top allowing the user to restore or change a concrete color or to provide a uniform finish for acid staining. Ultra Surface Epoxy 200 is another outstanding product that bonds tenaciously to wet, damp or dry surfaces. In its 22 year history, Concrete Solutions has gained a reputation for exceptional quality in products and services. For additional information, including the 2009 schedule for training class workshops held at their training facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, visit their Web site: www. Training is available in overlay or resurfacing, acid staining and concrete dye; also, concrete countertops featuring the Ashby System exclusive to Concrete Solutions. For standard or decorative concrete coating applications, look to Concrete Solutions, Inc. for products, training and support. Write in Reader Inquiry #1612 Concrete Solutions, Inc. (800) 232-8311 J Fax 619-297-3333 62 CoatingsPro J January 2009

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