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roFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Hi-Tech Systems J Company ProFILE 2009 J ProFILE 2009 HI-TECH SYSTEMS Hi-Tech Systems developed from the constant need to provide customers with products that best suited their requirements. Hi-Tech is a "hands-on" company that specializes in solutions for the industry. They have a complete line of polyureas, polyurea pumps, and rapid concrete repair products for a variety of uses, including cracks and damaged areas of concrete. Their epoxy products are designed for anchoring and repairing concrete, block, and wood structures. High quality product videos of demonstrations and instruc- tions can be viewed at, The polyurea and spall repair products are offered in bulk or cartridges and can all be tinted to closely match any color. Installation is accept- able in a wide range of temperatures from 130°F to -20°F. These product lines are designed to cure quickly (10 to 30 minutes) for the most efficient use of time. These are great products to use before coating and polishing of floors as they do not smudge and they blend in well with the existing floors. Hi-Tech's polyurea pump is practical, user friendly, and easy to maintain and repair. Most machines are ordered with the optional battery and inverter so there is no need for electrical cords or noxious generators. Please contact Rick or Doug Swanson for further information. Write in Reader Inquiry #1621 Hi-Tech Systems / Progressive Fastening Systems 9070 Center Ave. J Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (800) 454-5530 J (909) 945-5530 Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 HoldTight Solutions Inc. J ProFILE 2009 HoldTight Solutions pioneered the concept of low-cost, easy-to- achieve, and easy-to-measure contaminant-free surface preparation. Our HoldTight®102 salt remover and flash rush inhibitor prevents flash rust simply by removing surface contaminants. If there is NO FLASH RUST, there are NO CONTAMINANTS. Any "stuff" on the surface — chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, phosphates, shattered pieces of rust, abrasive, paint, or any other debris — will pull water to the surface and cause flash rust. And if you paint over any such stuff, sooner or later, it will pull moisture through the coating and cause coating failure. No flash rust = a clean surface. In other words, you know it when you see it! You don't need to use cumbersome, expensive, and applicator-sensitive field tests to prove it. This is a revolutionary old concept: make it simple and it works better. "102" is used in conjunction with dry-blasting, wet-abrasive blasting, and water-jetting ("UHP") blasting. It evaporates rapidly, lifting off moisture as it does, and leaves no residue. 102 is approved by most coating manufacturers for most coatings. Contact us for your nearest distributor or to find out how to use HoldTight®102 on your job. Write in Reader Inquiry #1622 Holdtight Solutions Inc. P. O. Box 27907 J Houston, TX 77227 (800) 319-8802 J Fax (800) 728-8861 January 2009 J 67 Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009

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