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JAN 2009

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roFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Kemiko Concrete Stain J Company ProFILE 2009 J ProFILE 2009 Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 Kemiko Concrete Stain creates the appearance of expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost of marble or stone. floor, Kemiko Concrete Stain permanently transforms an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor resembling marble or glazed stone. When applied to a finished concrete Available in eight colors, Kemiko stain reacts with the concrete, giving the look of natural stone. Each concrete slab accepts the stain in varying degrees of intensity, creating multi-hued color variations and a mottled surface that appears perfectly aged. The stain is available in eight colors. Kemiko is a great choice for commercial and residential projects. It is the answer for interior and exterior concrete as it will not fade, chip or peel. Economical, elegant, durable, and easy to maintain, Kemiko stains will last the lifetime of the concrete surface to which they are applied. Kemiko's wax, sealers, or Kemiko's Industrial line of epoxies, polyurethanes & a polyaspartic can be applied after the staining process to enhance and protect the floor. Kemiko's Rembrandt Polymer Stains are an exciting addition to the Kemiko line of products. Rembrandt is an eco-friendly polymer stain that is easy to use and offers an array of vivid colors, as well as subtle earthtones. Write in Reader Inquiry #1625 Kemiko Concrete Stain (800) 875-4596 J Key Resin Company J ProFILE 2009 Key Resin Company Sets The Standard for Resinous Flooring and Coating Solutions. Learn More at World Of Concrete Booth S-21329 Key Resin Company (KRC) offers the industry experience and product quality to meet the demands of your specific polymer flooring and coating needs. Since 1993, we've been providing a wide range of durable, applicator friendly solutions for unique applications throughout the world. KRC develops flooring and coating solutions based on a variety of specifications such as chemical resistance, impact & wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, ESD/Conductivity, slip-resistance, moisture vapor tolerance, and appearance. From Decorative Metallics (see photo) to Industrial, Institutional to Secondary Containment, Key Resin Company provides products to meet your needs with lower lifecycle costs, outstanding durability, and overall performance. New Products Announcement for 2009: Key #635 MVT Moisture Vapor Control Epoxy Primer (see photo) is a new competitively priced moisture vapor treatment for use under all types of moisture sensitive flooring materials. Key #470 Polyaspartic is a new fast curing, chemical BOE TUBJO SFTJTUBOU BMJQIBUJD QPMZBTQBSUJD QPMZVSFB GPS UPQDPBUJOH PWFS ,FZ 2VBSU[ BOE ,FZ $IJQ SFTJO GMPPS TZTUFNT BDJE TUBJOFE DPODSFUF and decorative concrete toppings. To learn more about Key Resin Company and our extensive line of product solutions, please visit us at World Of Concrete Booth S-21329, or visit or call (888) 943-4532. Write in Reader Inquiry #1626 Key Resin Company 4050 Clough Woods Dr. J Batavia, OH 45103 (888) 943-4532 J January 2009 J 69 Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009

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