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JAN 2009

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Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J NACE International J ProFILE 2009 Company ProFILE 2009 J Company ProFILE 2009 J Company Pr NACE International, the leading engineering society for corrosion prevention and mitigation, is dedicated to promoting public safety, protecting the environment, and reducing the economic impact of corrosion. Established in 1943, NACE International has more than 20,000 members worldwide and offers technical training and certifica- tion programs, sponsors conferences, and produces industry standards, reports, publications, and software. NACE Training & Certification. NACE International training courses and certifications are the most recognized and widely accepted programs in the world. The training prepares every student for a comprehensive career in corrosion. Each year, NACE trains more than 6,000 students in over 400 classes. The variety of courses and certification programs meets the ever-changing demands of the market. The NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP) is the world's most recognized coating inspector certification program. Designed to improve the overall quality of inspections, CIP provides the most complete training curriculum: Level 1-coating inspection of structural steel using nonde- structive techniques and instrumentation; Level 2-additional training in destructive techniques and specialized coatings for surface preparation and application; and Level 3-supervision of Level 1- and 2-Certifications. Visit for more information. Write in Reader Inquiry #1631 NACE International 1440 South Creek Drive J Houston, TX 77084 (281) 228-6223 J Polycoat Products J ProFILE 2009 The Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail exercise yard was in need of replacing an existing coating that had passed its prime. Polycoat Products and applicator Innovative Painting and Waterproofing entered with a simple and highly effective solution: Polyurea. Standard substrate preparations were taken, followed by spray-applying 80 mils of Polyeuro 5502, an aromatic spray polyurea with remarkable physical characteristics and quick curing time. An aliphatic polyurethane top coat of Polyglaze AL-50SC was applied with a slip-resistant aggregate for a colorfast finish. Meeting the timeframe, security, safety and air quality standards of the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail was a challenge that Polycoat eagerly pursued and achieved. Polycoat has been on the leading edge of technology for Polyurea and Polyurethanes for the last three decades. Located in beautiful Southern California, Polycoat has been at the forefront of developing coating products with low or zero VOC's to meet the strict local air quality standards that have helped to shape environmental standards around the world. To learn more about Polycoat Products, please visit or call us at (562) 802-8834. Write in Reader Inquiry #1632 Polycoat Products 14722 Spring Avenue J Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (562) 802-8834 72 CoatingsPro J January 2009

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