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JAN 2009

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NEW NOTEWORTHY & A Green and Lean Coating Send information and photos (transparencies, prints or 500k JPG digital files at 300dpi) to Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine, 4501 Mission Bay Dr. Ste. 2G, San Diego, CA 92109 or by e-mail with attachments to cracking, embrittlement, and remains flexible at low temperatures. It has very low water permeability and good abrasion resistance. VFI-251 can be applied to metal, wood, concrete, spray polyurethane foam, single-ply roofing, built-up roofing, and more. For more information contact: Volatile Free Inc., (800) 307-9218, www. Reader Inquiry # 3033 Enviroline Group introduces Enviroline 375UHS, a thin-film, VOC-compliant, fast-cure epoxy coating for the oil and gas, and chemical processing industries. With volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of 95 g/l, Enviroline 375UHS meets strict South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regulations, while still providing an easy-to-apply thin- film application of up to 20 mils DFT. Specifically, Enviroline 375UHS is a high-performance internal lining designed for use in storage tanks, process vessels, pipelines, and concrete contain- ment structures requiring corrosion protection from aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, fuel-grade ethanol, ethanol gasoline, and other refined petroleum products and chemicals. For more information contact: Enviroline Group, (800) 449-6525, www. Reader Inquiry # 3032 Try A New Coating Volatile Free, Inc. (VFI) introduces VFI-251, a polyurea hybrid coating. The product is a white aliphatic batch mix elastomer that often does not need a primer and can be applied with a range of application techniques — including conventional airless sprayers. VFI-251 is designed for use as a UV-stable, weather- resistant finish coat over aromatic basecoats; a flat, multipurpose flexible finish paint; a primer-less single-system elastomer over existing roofing systems; and a flexible in-mold coating. The product is also resistant to chalking, 96 CoatingsPro J January 2009 sive Hi-Tech Spall Fix removal of coatings including epoxy glue, mastic, and paint. Unlike metal bonds which gum up, Syntec PCD scrapes unwanted coatings efficiently and without the gumming no matter how thick the coating. Syntec's PCD diamonds are available to suit most large floor grinders and in a variety of configurations to get the job done right. For more information contact: Syntec Diamond Tools, (866) 360-3607, www. Reader Inquiry # 3035 Hi-Tech Spall FX is an ultra-thin, high-strength, rapid-curing concrete repair product. It is as thin as water for maximum penetration into hairline cracks, and cures in less than 10 minutes. It is great for quick repairs to in-service warehouse floors. The product is also available in modified formulas. A thicker version — similar to the consistency of milk — is good for injecting under tiles or in blind areas where material loss is an issue. Other formulas offer extended working time for larger repairs. For more information contact: Hi-Tech Systems, (800) 454-5530, Reader Inquiry # 3034 Poly Crystaline Diamond Products Syntec Diamond introduces its new range of PCD (Poly Crystaline Diamond) products that are excellent for the aggres- The Multi-Task Rider Blastrac announces the BMR-85D, a machine for textur- ing or surface preparation on roads, bridges, streets and runways. The easily accessible, DOT-approved vehicle's cabin is equipped with heating and air-condi- tioning, responsive hand controls, and a full monitoring system for the driver/ operator. BMR-85D also includes an on-board dust collection system for airborne particulates and contaminants such as paint, compounded surface residues and debris. This dust collec- tion system features a butterfly valve that seals the dust outlet and allows a minimal amount of dust to be re-introduced into the environment when removing and replacing the "big bag" disposal contain-

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