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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2016 11 Cool Apples Fast moving wild fires destroyed over 600 structures and countless orchard crops and affected many lives in rural north - central Washington in 2014. Yet, out of this terri- ble devastation came renewal and new growth. Auvil Fruit Company located in Orondo expanded their controlled atmosphere (C A) storage in 2016 by constructing a new tilt-up concrete using an extruded, hollow core plank roof. To insulate and waterproof this 40,000 s.f. roof, Auvil Fruit contracted with Smart Choice Insulation & Roofing, Inc. out of Pateros to install a fully adhered, high performance General Coatings Manufacturing Corp. (GCMC) Ultra ane 230 spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof system. Auvil Fruit's President of Facilities and Packing, Walt Hough, wanted to use superior insulating spray foam for this new design build project as past success in retrofitting older structures with Ultra ane 230 had reduced energy costs and provided a durable, performing roof. As C A buildings keep the fresh fruit cold (33F - 40F) and sealed inside away from damaging atmospheric oxygen, the insulated roof system needed to have a sufficient seamless and continuous spray foam layer to act as a proper thermal break, but it also needed to have a multi-functioning coating system including vapor barrier base coat and ultraviolet (UV) / weather protective top coat. Ultra ane 230 roof system uses 2.7 pcf exterior grade, roof spray foam; Ultra Tuff 2500 urethane base coat with low perm performance; and Ultra Flex 1000 acrylic roof top coat with #11 roofing granules embedded for enhanced durability. On occasionally windy and rainy conditions, Smart Choice embarked on an accelerated schedule to complete this roof project in 22 days (1,520 man-hours). George MacDonald and Teri England, Smart Choice co-owners, and his crew (supplemented with sprayers from Wiltshire Urethane Company and Solar Coatings, Inc.) installed the GCMC Ultra ane 230 roof system over Ultra Bond 10 primed Georgia Pacific DensDeck, which had been securely fastened to the concrete planks. George, Mike, Lee and Don used two Graco E-30 units with GX7 guns spraying a minimum 5" SPF in multiple passes building slope from 14" to 5". e Smart Choice team installed 152 kits of SPF and 4200 gallons of coating at a rate of 7 kits of SPF per day in 20-inch-wide passes. Smart Choice sealed all metal B decks, two mechani- cal rooms, up and over the 5' high lengthwise center parapet sloping out to custom foam stop edge metal. Smart Choice seamlessly applied Ultra Tough 2500 vapor barrier at 30+ mils dry film thickness (DFT), then protected the SPF and base coat with the Ultra Flex 1000 D-6083 compliant top coat at 25+ mils DFT. Auvil Fruit was founded in 1928 by Grady Auvil, a visionar y, agricultural pioneer. Now, it is a privately held premium grower of R ainer cherries and Aurora Golden apples under the Gee W hiz label. With more than 1350 acres grow ing lush and tasty fruit, Auvil leads the way in promot- ing efficient, sustainable, and responsible practices. Auvil Fruit uses an innovative refrigerant system, which requires a tightly built and well insulated C A facility, so using the GCMC Ultra T hane 230 spray poly urethane foam roof system was a natural choice. General Coatings 1220 E. North Avenue Fresno, CA 93725 (559) 495-4009 (855) 495-GCMC - toll free Company Profile: General Coatings SPONSORED CONTENT

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