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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2016 15 manufacturers, and the client has even more to consider for his or her specific solution. Many coating and foam manufacturers also offer a comprehensive suite of products that encompass all the materials necessary for roof repair, as well as the application of a new protective coating system. For example, companies such as Volatile Free, Inc. (VFI) offer full product lines that include a low-solid solution, a flashing grade silicone for repairs, and a skylight renewal material for fiberglass skylights. 838 Coatings, Covestro, Gaco Western, GAF, Oak Ridge, Progressive Materials, RM Lucas, e Garland Company, Tropical Coatings, and VFI are among the companies in the industry that manufacture comprehensive roof protective coating systems and/or spray polyurethane foam. Environmentally Friendly Option It is often said that apply ing coatings to existing roof surfaces is a much greener alternative to a roof tear-off or re-roof. T he first and most obvious reason for this distinction is that eliminating a waste-generating tear-off keeps old roofing materials out of landfills. "Preser ving the dr y, sound sections of a roof system substantially reduces landfill waste and minimizes resource depletion," said Brooks of IR A nalyzers. In addition, many building owners are choosing to install reflective coatings on their rooftops. Reflective coatings keep buildings cooler, and thus, increase sustain- ability and reduce energy usage. "Reflective roof coatings are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard non-reflective roof coating or a bare, uncoated roof membrane," explained omas Garvey of IKO North America, a company that offers a variety of roof coatings, including reflective. "Much like wearing a white shirt on a sunny day, the combination of increased reflectivity and reduced heat absorbance of the coating leads to a much cooler surface and ambient temperature." W hen u sed i n conju nc t ion w it h spray foa m, ref lec t ive coat i ngs do even more for t he env i ronment. " Spray foa m prov ides t he h ig hest R-va lue ava i l able on t he m a rket, reduc i ng energ y consu mpt ion i nside of bu i ld i ngs on wh ic h it is i nst a l led. It a l so benef its f rom t he ref lec t iv- it y of t he coat i ng appl ied on t he top l ayer. Roof coat i ngs prov ide e x t remely h ig h ref lec t iv it y, wh ic h keeps bu i ld- i ngs cooler i n t he su m mer, reduc i ng cool i ng e x penses, a nd reduces t he u rba n heat isl a nd ef fec t," sa id McK a i n of P rog ressive Mater i a l s. High-Performance Roof Coatings Being environmentally friendly might be part of the roof coating e q u at i o n , e s p e c i a l ly i n ce r ta i n re g i o n s . Th i s m i g h t i n c lu d e accommodating certain volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, R-values, energy use statistics, and landfill waste totals. VENDOR TEAM Roof Master Safety equipment manufacturer Lucas, TX 75002 (972) 670-7468 RoofscanIR Equipment manufacturer Bonsall, CA 92003 (888) 722-6447 SafePro Safety equipment manufacturer Dallas, TX 75211 (877) 723-3570 Spray Foam Equipment and Manufacturing Equipment manufacturer Calhoun, LA 71225 (318) 644-5140 SprayWorks Equipment Equipment manufacturer Canton, OH 44707 (330) 587-4141 Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services Equipment manufacturer Randleman, NC 27317 (800) 248-7226 Tropical Coatings Coating manufacturer Hallandale, FL 33009 (800) 535-6947 www.tropicalroofingproducts. com Volatile Free, Inc. Coating and SPF manufacturer Brookfield, WI 53045 (800) 307-9218

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