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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2016 19 Oak Ridge Foam & Coatings, Inc. 575 Commercial Avenue Green Lake, WI 54941 (800) 625-9577 - toll-free (920) 294-6800 (920) 294-6830 - fax Case Study: Jacksonville Roofing System Gets a Durable New Future e sunshine is legendary in Jacksonville, Florida. at's great for the tourism industry, however, it can wreak havoc on roofing. But there is a solution, one which provides waterproofing and lasting durability, for every weather condi- tion under the sun. Take this case study for example. The Problem: Cracking Under High Pressure e Jacksonville Beach Plaza roofing system couldn't take the heat. e existing roofing composite on the 106,000 square foot structure included a built-up roofing system that had been covered in aluminized coating. After baking in the Florida sunshine, both the installed aluminum coating and the roofing system began to fail. Cracks were forming in the membrane, and the relentless heat assault took a toll on the roof-mounted accessories and surrounding parapet walls as well. e result: Water began to leak into the plaza occupants' spaces. Something had to be done; something that could withstand all weather conditions. The Solution: Oak Ridge Spray Polyurethane Foam Professionals prepped the existing surface by removing all of the loose debris and contaminants, ensuring a dry, clean and stable substrate. To solve the problems, experts applied more than an inch of Oak Ridge Spray Polyurethane Foam and a minimum of 50 dry mils of Oak Ridge pure Polyurea OR80SLM aluminized coating system. Together, these materials form a powerful barrier against the elements, providing improved waterproofing and durability to take on whatever Mother Nature can deliver. Putting it to Work: Tips for SPF Application on Metal Roofing • Professional SPF installation equipment should be used for all projects. The equipment should be inspected, repaired and cleaned regularly. • SPF chemicals require appropriate storage. Failing to store products outside of established temperature parameters can reduce their shelf life and render the product difficult to apply. • During the installation process, contractors must be sure to follow the manufacturer-recommended pressures and temperatures for ideal SPF results. • Polyurea OR80SLM supplied by Oak Ridge is lightweight and can be applied over an existing roof system without exceeding its weight capacity. • Polyurea OR80SLM is self-flashing. During the installa- tion process, the foam cascades around cooling units, roof vents, and other features to form a tight seal in the nooks and crannies where leaks often get their start. • Your spray foam roof project must be sealed with a quality elastomeric roof coating. Allow it to cure, and it will protect the spray foam and ensure a lasting seal, no matter the weather forecast. • For quality coatings, equipment, and training, contact Oak Ridge Foam & Coatings, Inc. Before After Company Profile: Oak Ridge Foam & Coatings, Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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