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106 JANUARY 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM and intuitive menu operation w ith the new, brilliant color display make gloss measurement an easy task. Outstanding performance in tempera- ture control and inter-instrument agreement make the product reliable for quality control pur poses, the company said. In addition, the smart- chart software is an ideal tool for smart communication w ith profes- sional documentation and efficient data analysis. For more information, contact: Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc., (954) 946 -9454, w w Reader Inquiry #3686 World's First Autonomous Blasting Robot Now Available A ir-powered abrasive blast equipment manufacturer Clemco Industries Cor p. is offering the SA BR E A lpha 1, know n as the world 's first autonomous blasting robot. T he system provides high-quality blasting w ith predefined parameters and precision control, thus offering consistency and repeatabil- ity to users. T he robot is particularly well suited for use on bridges, tanks, large marine projects, and in other confined space environments, Clemco said. A lpha 1 incor porates a si x-de- grees-of-freedom (6DOF) robotic arm equipped w ith a 3D sensor that can scan, map, and blast complex environments, thus removing human operators from the work space. T he robot weighs just 55 pounds (24.9 kg ), and it is small enough to be installed in areas w ith restricted access. For more information, contact: Clemco Industries, (636) 239 - 4300, w w Reader Inquiry #3687 Fiber-Reinforced Silicone Roof Patch to Repair Leaks Specialty coatings and spray polyure- thane foam insulation company, Gaco Western, has recently developed GacoPatch, a fiber-reinforced silicone roof patch designed for repairing roof leaks in a one-step application. Primers, seam tapes, and top coats are not required with the product. A water- proof, monolithic seal is created within 30 minutes of applying GacoPatch, according to the company, which noted that it can quickly protect roofs from leaks. Over the longer term, GacoPatch is suitable as a standalone roof patch and will not degrade under ultraviolet (UV) exposure, temperature extremes, or ponded water. e 2.5-gallon (9.5 L) wide top pail makes the application of GacoPatch easy to do with a trowel or a brush. For more information, contact: Gaco Western, (800) 331-0196, Reader Inquiry #3688 New Polysiloxane Coating Targets Corrosion in Two Coats Sherwin- Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has released Sher-Loxane 800, a versatile, high-performance polysiloxane coating that offers enhanced durability and aesthetics as well as cost savings. e coating can provide a high-gloss finish to bridges, water tanks, struc- tural steel, and many other steel surfaces in just two coats. As a result, this can reduce total operational costs while still delivering long-term asset protection in aggressive service condi- tions. A single coat of the product takes the place of an epoxy and polyurethane topcoat system, while a two-coat system of Sher-Loxane 800 over a zinc primer replaces traditional three-coat systems using zinc primers, epoxies, and polyurethanes. For more information, contact: Sherwin- Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, (800) 524-5979, www.protective. Reader Inquiry #3689 DeFelsko Introduces New Tool to Measure Indentation Hardness DeFelsko Corp. has introduced its new PosiTector SHD (Shore Hardness Durometer) for measuring the indenta- tion hardness of non-metallic materials such as polymers, elastomers, and rubbers. In the corrosion industry, durometers are commonly used to ensure proper curing of pipeline repair wraps. Two models are available for different hardness ranges. Features include a digital display, a user-adjust- able measurement time with onscreen countdown, and an auto-ignore mode that disregards readings below 20 and above 90 to comply with inter- national standards. Other features include internal memory, statistics, and a USB port. For more information, contact: DeFelsko, (800) 448-3835, CP Reader Inquiry #3690 New & Noteworthy

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