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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2017 23 ty pically has a pot life of less than 30 seconds, so it requires an external mi x spray gun. A different option is a glass flake polyester coating. I have seen that on ferry deck ramps and other areas that receive lots of impact. I believe that has been used in your yard as ice breaker hull coatings. It can also come in a trowel-on version, and you can field add a filler to build up the thickness. It is sort of like smoothing a yacht hull with fairing compound. A nd, of course, there are the epox y fillers that contain various fillers, such as ceramic and even stain- less steel. T hose are commonly used for fi xing holes and repairing pumps and valves. A: I recommend that you don't "unknowingly" take on respon- sibility for designing/specifying corrosion control for the ferry deck, as that responsibility should lie somewhere between the ferry owner and the ferry designer. Of course, your yard may have assumed that responsi- bility as part of the contract, in which case the irregular deck might represent a changed condition. A: is sounds like a case of poor workmanship. To the best of my knowledge, such a compound does not exist. e shipbuilder should be made to remove the depressions. If your company has taken on the contractual responsibility, you may have to find a good law yer! Epoxy Bleeding Issues Q: Will bleeding occur when modified epoxy is coated on existing old coal tar epoxy? If so, how? A: To figure out whether it will occur, apply a test patch. en let it go through a year of natural weather- ing to see what happens. A: I had e x per ience w it h t his ver y occ ur rence on a recent job when I was bl ast ing a nd recoat- ing pontoons for t he U. S. Nav y. T he inside of severa l had a n or ig ina l ta r t wo -pac k epox y f rom a major protec- t ive coat ings ma nufact urer. It was w idely used a nd tested. We were able to get a round it by c lea ning a ny bleeds a nd t hen recoat ing w it h t he sa me epox y — but w it h no t hinner mi xed in. CP coat ing , t hough I ca n't say t hat it was a n epox y ta r. If it was not completely removed, whic h was nea rly impossi- ble in some of t he constr icted a reas, it wou ld react w it h t he t hinners in pa int a nd bleed. T he new coat ing was a genera l Notes From the Blog WearCOAT ® Systems | FLOORS Coatings for Tough Applications. 319 Township Line Rd. • Souderton, PA 18964 P: +1 (215) 723-0919 • F: +1 (215) 723-0911 © 2016 Coatings For Industry, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Wearcoat® and the Coatings For Industry® Teardrop are registered trademarks for Coatings For Industry, Inc. w w w . c f i c o a t i n g s . c o m • i n f o @ c f i c o a t i n g s . c o m Retail Stores • Grocery Stores • Warehouses • Restaurants • Commercial Kitchens • Freezer/Cold Rooms Loading Docks • Car Dealerships • Schools • Hospitals • Veterinary Clinics • Parking Garages • Water Treatment Plants • Machine Shops • Heavy Industry Floors • Food Processing Facilities • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms Aircraft Hangars • Airport Terminals • Train Stations • Offices • Car Washes • Breweries • Wine Cellars Retail Stores • Grocery Stores • Warehouses • Restaurants • Water Treatment Plants • Freezer/Cold Rooms Get The Fix for Problem Floors. Why do CFI's WearCOAT products get the nod in the toughest environments? For the same reason flooring professionals turn to CFI when other systems have failed. With nearly five decades developing the best floor coatings, WearCOAT systems solve problems – any job, any need, on time. Learn why thousands of floors a year across the full spectrum of applications start and finish with problem-free WearCOAT flooring products. FREE WearCOAT Application Guide. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #1

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