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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2017 27 ver y sur pr ised. A sk the ind iv idua l to descr ibe products and marketing col latera l in detai l. Lastly, ensure that your team is on the same page. Do they believe in what they are offering? If not, manage- ment must get them on the same page regarding the company's mission and message. Your team must be fully engaged in providing outstanding value — and that is backed up by outstanding leadership and communi- cation. T his is not only smart business but good business. Perform a Companywide Internal Evaluation One of the main keys to eliminating bad profits is recognizing the business behaviors that create them in the first place. To effectively identify the areas of your company that bring harmful returns, you must perform an evalua- tion of your entire operation. Before you start re-evaluating your company, consider evaluating yourself or the leadership of your business first. T hat may mean the board, partnership, or an individual. Look at those who are inf luencers and find out about their core values. T his may be easier than you think. Spending time w ith each member of your leadership team can tell you quite a bit about each person. If it is a dinner meeting, obser ve how he or she treats the wait staff. If it's a golf match, see how the person handles a bad shot. If it's at a holiday party, see if he or she includes other people in the conversation, or does the conversation just revolve around him or her? Does the person provide solutions and the action steps to create them, or is the leader afraid to speak up and state what he or she feels and why? Is this leader a good listener? In the end, would you believe, like, and trust this individual? If the answer is "no," then you might need to consider trying to train him or her to move from a detractor to a promoter. If you don't think that's possible, you might need to part ways to continue moving toward a good-profit business. If the answer is "yes," that you would trust the individ- ual, you have defined a good set of core values. Be the Change T his process isn't easy or quick. As the one determining the values of your leadership team and company, you, too, should be honest and straight for ward. You shouldn't put profits before people. You should do what's right and not just what's easy. You should put your customers and employees first, and you should make sure your team members know you're always tr y ing to do what's right. Once you have the correct core values, the next step is simply putting the correct processes and proce- dures in place to make your business succeed. Again, this goes back to train- ing your coatings contracting team. Give them the tools to be your compa- ny's promoters, to create customer promoters in turn. Making good profits simply means you're constantly re-evaluating yourself, your team, your customer service processes, and your products and services. It also means that you're constantly trying to make improve- ments. ese improvements do not necessarily have to be major changes; they can be minor tweaks that provide major improvements. For your business to succeed longer, your company's leadership must have a laser focus on good profits, and it must create the correct processes and procedures that elimi- nate bad profits. CP Kevin Coughlin, DM D, M BA , M AGD, i s a n accompl i shed dent i st , aut hor, a nd s pea ker. Wit h h i s u n ique a nd power f u l message, Coug h l i n prov ides sm a l l bu si nesses w it h ac t ion able solut ions when consider i ng st rateg ic c h a nge, a s we l l a s ke ys to compete i n a n e x pa nsive m a rket . For more i n for m at ion , cont ac t : K ev i n Coug h l i n , w w w. A scent-Dent a l-Solut Measure The Thickness of Thermally Sprayed Aluminum Coating Thickness Material Analysis Nanoindentation Material Testing (860)683-0781 Non-destructive Phase sensitive eddy current probe is able to measure rough coatings, rough sub- strates, and curved parts with excellent repeatability Measure according to SSPC- PA2 Unlike past methods when measurements needed to be done on carbon steel coupon samples, measure in the field on the true structure ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Fischer's new ESD20TSA probe paired with the PHASCOPE® PMP10 measures TSA over stainless steel and steel substrates Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #135

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