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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2017 41 that the additive was of particular importance. "W hat the additive does is help increase the coefficient of friction on the floor, thereby providing extra slip resistance," Winters said. "It's a very fine powder abrasive, and the beauty about it is that it actually increases the abrasion resistance of the overall system." "First, you're protecting the static dissipative coating more," Winters added. "e concept is that the additive is so concentrated in the mix that you end up wearing on the tip of the additive, rather than wearing on the polymer itself. You're protecting the floor and giving the customer a surface to wear on that is much harder than the coating, which thereby boosts the performance of everything. e other nice thing is that it's a finish that can still be mopped. Often times with a textured floor, you can't mop it. But this is a texture that's so fine that it can still be mopped." With the application of the topcoat and additive, the crew's work was mostly complete! Once the topcoat is applied, Michigan Specialty Coatings typically advises customers to wait at least 72 hours before returning heav y traffic to the floor. Partnerships Drive Success Both Winters and DeYoung insist their par tnership was cr ucia l to keeping the c lient infor med of a l l associated r isks w ith the new f loor. For instance, DeYoung was sure to educate the customer on how to "use" the f loor. At Dura, each ind iv idua l who wa l ks into one of the newly coated rooms has to step onto a meter beforehand to ensure that they do not ESD Floor The final layer of coating was Protective Industrial Polymers' Protect 200 ESD, which was dipped and rolled at an average of 4 mils (101.6 microns). The coating was applied with DiamondWear additive. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #266

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