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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2017 45 15 Years of CoatingsPro 2. In the second issue, January 2002, CoatingsPro published the first coating failure story, aptly called "We Wish We'd Never Started." is featured a project for the government where the coating curled off the concrete — "a real project with a nightmare as real as it gets," as the article says. is was the prede- cessor to a current reader favorite, "Never Again," as it was first called in the January 2003 issue. 3. e January 2003 issue is also the first time readers saw an annual special section: Company ProFILES. July 2003 featured the special section covering Surface Prep ProFILES, a precur- sor to our annual Surface Prep Supplement, which marked the start of our new supplement series in March 2014. Currently, CoatingsPro's supplements also cover concrete, equip- ment, safety, and roof coatings. 4. January 2004 brought a new term to CoatingsPro readers: is is the first issue where intumescent coatings were highlighted in a story called "Showcasing Structural Steel: Intumescent Coating Adds Beauty and Fire-Resistance to Boston Convention and Exhibition Center." A hot topic for sure! 5. e first iteration of our editorial roundups, or Q& As as this one was called, occurred in the March 2005 issue. ese 101s have been regular characters throughout CoatingsPro's history, showcasing an overarch- ing view of a specific topic, such as safety or concrete. is issue's roundup focused on all things pertaining to spray equipment. Currently, you can find roundups in each of our subject supplements, which are included in a polybag with the regular issues. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

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