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52 JANUARY 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM existing roof system was also buried beneath ducting, almost 1,000 lineal feet [304.8 m] of conduit, gas lines, and chiller lines." On top of that, there were large rooftop structures and multiple nonconventional rooftop objects. "A ll of this required carefully thought-out custom integra- tion into the new roof system," Harvey said. "Additionally, the rooftop is a potentially hazardous environment, with numerous high temperature furnace exhaust vents, which exhaust 3 feet [0.9 m] off of the roof surface and had to remain operational during this project." A fter review ing the proposal in detail, the manufacturer's specifications for both the 2.8 -pound (1.3 kg ) roofing foam The substrate on the 15,000 sq. f t. (1,393.5 m²) roof wa s in poor condition, so the 8- to 10-person crew first needed to remove the old covering down to the deck. Working with a tight deadline, the crew kept moving along. With the deck exposed, the crew was able to power wash the substrate and then install the PREMICOTE P-64 primer. SPF Roofing Job Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #60

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