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6 W W W.COATINGSPROMAG.COM In This Issue JANUARY 2017 FEATURES VOL. 17, NO. 1 NEVER AGAIN SPECIAL SECTION 96 The Case of the Delaminating Floor Coating Were the dropped tools or installation to blame for the coatings delaminating on this new concrete floor at a car dealership's maintenance center? 36 In Charge of Change For this team, the job included installing an epoxy- based electrostatic discharge floor as well as teaching the client how to "use" it. 50 Prompt SPF System These coated spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof repairs needed to be completed while the watch manu- facturing facility stayed online. 70 Up On the Roof Under the Florida sunshine, this coatings crew worked 30-stories high to recoat a condo facility's roof. 78 Park It: Concrete Coatings This parking garage, attached to a National Register of Historic Places, was once condemned. Could this crew bring it back to its glory of days past? 86 High Climbers Steel the Show With experience rock climbing, it's no wonder this coat- ings crew was able to complete a vertical smoke stack job with few delays. 50 SPF SAVES THE DAY 56 Company ProFILE 2017 Get to know some of the key players around the coatings industry. ON THE COVER (A) "In Omaha, there are not a lot of companies like McGill that can do all of the repairs; we have the equipment, experience to get all of these types of work done," said Estimator James Bouckaert. See how they restored the eight-story garage on page 78. —Photo courtesy of McGill Restoration ON THE COVER (B) What a view! This crew worked on a condo roof 30 stories up in the air in Florida. With the help of a roof survey, the company convinced management that a new coating system — rather than a reroof — could pay off. Check it out on page 70. —Photo courtesy of Florida Quality Roofing, Inc. 70 78

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