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REMOVE SALTS 72 JANUARY 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM around 100 square feet (9.3 m²) apiece! "e roof showed age, typical of a modified cap roof system due to exposure to sun, some punctures and damage related to blisters, numerous previous repairs, and significant moisture saturation of the foam insulation," said David A. Smith, Roof Survey owner. Smith utilizes two types of moisture detectors to provide a more accurate assessment than if he relied on just one. On this inspection, he used a Troxler RoofReader 3216, which measures hydrogen concentrations and a Tramex Leak Seeker, which determines electronic impedance. Confident in Smith 's findings, Amador relied heavily on the moisture map drawings. "If you don't know exactly where wet areas are and replace them, you're probably going to have failure of the system," said Amador. "If Bella Mare had accepted one of the competing bids that didn't rely on a moisture survey, it could have led to catastrophe. Roofers usually know what substrate moisture can do to coating systems, but people who operate facilities sometimes don't." Take Wing W hen Amador arrived for her pre-bid walkthrough, she immedi- ately noticed a series of access issues. First, the eight-man crew would be forced to share a busy loading dock at the rear of the condos with delivery trucks. Second, the freight elevator didn't go all the way to the roof, so the crew would have to hand-carry their materials and gear up two flights of stairs between the penthouse level to the roof. ird, the crew would face two additional flights of stairs to access four rooftop towers that On this 29,000-sq.-ft. (2,694.2 m²) rooftop project, determining the substrate's condition was crucial. Areas that were found to have moisture saturation needed to be cut out and replaced before the new coating system was applied. Roof Recoat Surface preparation is the foundation for a coating Steel Concrete Stainless Tanks Bridges Structures Vessels Pipe 800.422.3217 REMOVE SALTS SALTS Lab Verifie CHLOR RID INTERNATIONAL, INC. VISIT OUR WEB SITE WWW.CHLOR-RID.COM STOP FAILURES CAUSED BY SOLUBLE SALTS Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #142

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