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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2017 73 needed coating treatment, too. Before this project could take wing, Amador needed to know that FQR would have adequate time to deal with the bottlenecks. Bella Mare granted them 90 days, cordoned off part of the loading dock for FQR's exclusive use, and gave them sole access to one passenger elevator (8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday only). A ll Bella Mare asked in return was that the FQR crewmen work without disturbing the residents in any way and leave behind absolutely no trace of their toils — not one single speck of paint. With access, deadline, and work conduct issues agreed upon, it was time to crack open a few cans of coatings! W hile most coatings projects are deadline driven, this case was different. FQR project manager Rodolfo Gonzalez knew that in order to please his client, his crew would have to not only fix the roof but make themselves nearly invisible to residents. e first thing he did was organize a meeting with facility managers. "Since our roof is the penthouse owners' ceilings, we needed to coordinate and communicate with the facility manag- ers so they in turn could talk to the homeowners," Gonzalez Surface prep also included pressure washing the BUR substrate. Once the roof was ready, the crew members applied Henry's Pro-Grade 923 butter-grade silicone roof sealer to all seams and penetrations. "You can market and sell just about anything, but if you don't have a solid crew to create what you've promised on paper, you have nothing," said Stella Amador FQR vice president and co-owner. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Apply a monolithic coating system atop an existing roof on a 30-story luxury condominium complex in Florida COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Florida Quality Roofing, Inc. 4317 NW 167th St. Miami Gardens, FL 33055 (305) 306-7663 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 25 employees SIZE OF CREW: 8 crew members PRIME CLIENT: Bella Mare Condominium Association 6000 Island Blvd. Aventura, FL 33160 (305) 749-3261 SUBSTRATE: Built-up roof (BUR) CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Fair to poor with areas of substrate moisture saturation SIZE OF JOB: 29,000 sq. ft. (2,694.2 m²) DURATION: 3 months UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » Access was an issue, including only a passenger elevator to get to the roof that only went to the penthouse level and was only available between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. » Four two-story towers projected from the rooftop. » A third-party moisture-detection company provided highly accurate and detailed report. » Florida Quality Roofing (FQR) coordinated schedules to ensure penthouse tenants were not exposed unnecessarily to overhead work-related sounds. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Pressure washed the roof, cut out waterlogged BUR sections, and replaced areas with like material » Applied Henry's Pro-Grade 923 butter-grade silicone roof sealer to all seams and penetrations » Roller applied 10–15 mils (254.0–381.0 microns) dry film thickness (DFT) of Henry's Pro-Grade Elite PGE966 epoxy primer to repaired areas, seams, protrusions, and parapet flashings » Roller applied two coats of approximately 28 mils (711.2 microns) DFT of Henry's Pro-Grade Elite 988HS white silicone roof coating SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore gloves, face masks, coveralls, long-sleeved shirts, eyewear, knee pads, and hats » Wore Tyvek suits and 3M respirators when necessary

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