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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2017 79 Before the 12- to 20 -person crew could get on site, though, a bit of investigation work needed to happen. Over the years, the parking garage had received many different smaller repairs, and they needed to determine how they were going to approach the repair of the entire structure. " T hey'd tr y to fi x a little bit here, hire someone else to fi x something over there," explained Darin Cielocha, vice president of business development for McGill Restoration. "Nothing had been done to overhaul the entire garage." T here were steel stirrups on the outside, steel plates on the top, and asphalt on top of that. T here were humps and bumps and all kinds of odd things. " We don't know what they were tr y ing to do," Bouckaert said succinctly. But, w ith the support of new ow nership, they knew what they were going to do moving for ward: R ip out all of the old stuff and start over. Choosy Clients Choose Coatings! e first item on the task list was to get down to good concrete. With the help of AGA Consulting, the McGill Restoration crew determined that it would rip out the external Band-Aids — the stirrups and asphalt — and install dowels and new patches of concrete. For overhead and vertical repairs, the crew would use Twin City Concrete's shotcrete. For smaller horizontal patches, they'd use a rapid repair mortar from BASF. And for concrete beams, they used a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) epoxy system with DowAksa USA. Once all of the concrete was installed and dried, the crew was ready to hit the coating portion of the project. Working from the top down, they got to it. On the top deck, the crew first had to strip the old wear coating. is deck was the only one with previous coatings on it, so this was the only area where they had to remove anything before the new installation. Wearing standard dust masks, Parking Garage Rehab On this eight-stor y parking garage project, the rehab entailed concrete repair, coating removal, and coating of all concrete surfaces — think floors, walls, columns, and ceilings.

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