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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2017 81 eyewear, and ear protection, the crew used BlastPro's Big Red Beast to remove the coatings and then a Blastrac ride-on scraper with grinder head to get a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 5. Because the garage was low clearance, the crew kept all trash receptacles on the ground. Bouckaert explained, "A ll of the concrete was hauled out by dump trucks into large Dumpster bins." T hroughout the project, any debris was "periodically taken out" and then taken to one of Omaha's landfills, which "take all construction by products," he contin- ued. It took the crew about seven weeks total to complete the prep of this top deck. e other seven decks, the concrete floor of the helix, and two stairwells received a similar profiling — via sandblast- ing — and coating process as the top deck. Aside from the top deck and the helix, which both received individual attention, the crew worked on areas simultaneously as they progressed. For instance, Phase 11 (out of 12 phases) included coating levels five, six, and seven. It took them approximately two weeks to install the coating system in that area: 60 to 80 mils (1,524.0–2,032.0 microns) dry film thickness (DFT) of Sikadur The concrete structure, owned by TAB Proper ties and located in Omaha, Nebraska, was in poor condition. It had been condemned once already and was in dire need of repairs. A crew from McGill Restoration worked year-round. They hit the most-exposed top deck first. Here, they removed old coatings with Bla stPro's Big Red Bea st wearing dust ma sk s, eyewear, and ear protection. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Coat the concrete surfaces in a parking garage attached to a National Registrar of Historic Places building COATINGS CONTRACTOR: McGill Restoration 2821 Grebe St. Omaha, NE 68112 (402) 558-7989 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 75 fulltime employees SIZE OF CREW: 12–20 crew members PRIME CLIENT: TAB Properties 649 Grand Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55105 (651) 227-9963 SUBSTRATE: Concrete CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Poor SIZE OF JOB: 15,000 sq. ft. (1,393.6 m²) total DURATION: 1 year UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » Various repairs that had occurred in years past required an investigation to determine a plan ahead. » The crew worked year-round, which required using heating safely during the colder months. » The crew helped move displaced cars to other garages in the area. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Repaired concrete by installing dowels and new patches of concrete, using Twin City Concrete's shotcrete on overhead and vertical repairs, using a rapid repair mortar from BASF on smaller horizontal patches, and using DowAksa fiber reinforced polymer on beams » Removed old coatings from top deck using BlastPro's Big Red Beast » Prepared all horizontal concrete to Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 5 using Blastrac's ride-on scraper with grinder head or sandblasting » Spray applied and then squeegeed two layers of Sikadur 22 Lo-Mod Overlay Broadcast System at 60 to 80 mils (1,524.0–2,032.0 microns) total dry film thickness (DFT); broadcast #4 flint aggregate to rejection into both layers » Applied PPG's PERMA-CRETE at 8–10 mils (203.2–254.0 microns) total DFT on vertical and above areas SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore standard dust masks, eyewear, and ear protection » Wore harnesses when working on Bil-Jax boom lifts and external areas » Used a safety consultant to help evaluate jobsite » Coordinated with the facility management lead to communicate with residents

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