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90 JANUARY 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Steel Smoke Stacks In these areas of deteriorated metal, a fiber cement material, Conproco Structural Skin, was applied. is concrete-modified, fiber-reinforced structural coating material smoothed any areas of damage. It is durable, provides freeze/ thaw cycle stability, and is breathable. "e crew used hand trowels to put the fiber cement in all cavities, crevices, and seams that needed to be filled in," said Zuberecz. It also must be mentioned that the areas of corrosion were primed with Acrymax PC-535 prior to the application of the fiber cement. As stated by Bennung, PC-535 is an environmen- tally responsible DTM (direct-to-metal) water-borne acrylic primer, containing corrosion-inhibiting pigment, but no toxic compounds, such as chromium or lead. "PC-535 provides long-term corrosion protection with service life equal to or exceeding conventional corrosion inhibiting coatings, with the added benefits of extreme low temperature flexibility and low VOCs [volatile organic compounds]. It also has great adhesion characteristics," said Bennung. e crew applied the PC-535 using brushes and rollers. After the deteriorated steel was primed and then filled with the Structural Skin, the crew applied Acrymax's AF-315 material to these areas. is water-borne fibrated acrylic compound dries to form a flexible and waterproof membrane ideal for flashing, seaming, and filling cracks. It can be applied using a trowel or brush, and it is often used with Acrymax's Poly 1 reinforcement fabric. "On the smoke stacks, the AF-315 was used to patch areas where water intrusion occurred and at all seams. AF-315 was used alone and in with the Poly-1 fabric to build mil thickness. W hen the fabric was used, it was saturated with the coating material. e Highclimbers crew created a protective sandwich, so to speak, over areas of concern," said Bennung. Poly-1 Reinforcement Fabric is a high-strength stitch- bonded fabric that is resistant to moisture, mildew, chemicals, and ultraviolet light. According to Bennung, it is lightweight and saturates quickly and easily. High Altitude Application With the repair of the steel substrate completed, it was time for the Highclimbers team to apply the PC-535 rust inhibit- ing coating to the entire exterior of the smoke stacks at an average of 8 mils (203.2 microns) dry film thickness (DFT). At this point, the smoke stacks were ready to receive Acrymax's AF-4400, an acrylic-modified fluoropolymer resin technology. "is unique blend of resins takes advantage of the flexibility of acrylic technology and combines it with the superior durability of a fluoropolymer. It has excellent color retention, which was an issue with the existing coating," said Bennung. Two coats at a DFT of 2 to 3 mils (50.8–76.2 microns) were applied by the Highclimbers team, once again using hand tools. Top Down Success According to Bennung, the success of the smoke stack project is directly attributable to the expertise of the Highclimbers crew and the right combination of materials for the job. "Marton and Zolton and the rest of their crew are highly trained for work at excessive heights. ey did what many other contractors couldn't do as far as repairing the substrate and applying the coatings. A lso, the PC-535 material was a great choice for a job like this where minimal surface prep work could be performed. It has excellent adhesion once any loose material is removed. Finally, all of the Acrymax materials have great flexibility; they aren't going to break and crack. is means that next time the smoke stacks need to be coated, repairs won't be necessary — just a simple recoat," said Bennung. CP VENDOR TEAM Acrymax Technologies Coating manufacturer 221 Brooke St. Media, PA 19063 (610) 566-7470 Conproco Corporation Material manufacturer 17 Production Dr. Dover, NH 03820 (800) 258-3500 J. Racenstein Safety equipment manufacturer 1 Madison St., Building D4 East Rutherford, NJ 07073 (800) 221-3748 Safety Services Company Safety compliance 2626 South Roosevelt St. Tempe, AZ 8582 (877) 201-8923 TB Philly Inc. Material distributor 400 Thoms Dr., Suite 411 Phoenixville, PA 19460 (610) 482-6001 T h e crew h an d trowelin g Co n p ro co's Str u c tu ral Sk in o nto any deteriorated metal followed by AF-315 material and in some areas Poly-1 Reinforcement Fabric. The final step wa s to apply PC-535 rust-inhibiting coating and AF-440 to all surfaces.

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