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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2017 27 9. W ho is to provide the performance verification of the air barrier installation? Pursuant to the performance verifi- cation provisions of the A BA A QAP, verification and documentation of the air barrier installation informa- tion rests w ith the installer. Within that responsibility, the installer is to provide daily site obser vations, and adhesion, thickness, and density testing, as applicable, of the installed product. Information from these daily activities should be recorded in daily logs by the installer and is to be accessible to all members of the team. T he role of the A BA A auditor is to examine the installer's records, verif y the installer testing and conformance to the manufacturer's installation requirements, and perform indepen- dent testing. e CM/GC is responsible for assuring that the applicator follows the ABA A QAP, for coordination of trades and their work sequences, and for protection of the installation. If the ABA A QAP is not speci- fied, the responsibility of verifying air barrier performance falls to the designer, who will specify perfor- mance criteria and testing standards, and who should conduct periodic site obser vations to verify that the air barrier installation is per manufac- turer's recommendations and project specifications. The designer's speci- fication should note that the owner will contract with a third-party entity for the independent inspection and testing. 10. Are through-wall f lashings part of the air barrier system? rough-wall flashings (TWFs) and air barriers are integral parts of a success- ful water management system. W here TWFs are required to interface with the air barrier to provide continuity of the water management system, they must also be integrated in such a way as to maintain continuity of the air barrier. Selection of appropriate flashing materials and their related installa- tion sequencing is crucial to successful integration with the air barrier, holding continuity and chemical/adhesive compatibility in mind. Communication Is Key ere are many aspects of an air barrier assembly. With many parties involved during the construction process, keeping the lines of communication open may be the key to completing a successful installation. You can't just spec an air barrier system and hope for the best. CP ABAA is t he nat iona l voice of t he a ir bar r ier indust r y in A mer ica. A BA A of fers premier t ra ining to insta l lers, est imators, managers, and ad minist rators on t he cont ractor side, as wel l as A I A accred ited courses for desig n profes- siona ls. For more infor mat ion, contact: A BA A , w w w.a irbar r Specifying Success

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