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MAR 2017

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2017 31 this information, and as an industr y, we need to make sure they know how to identif y and select a reputable contractor — such as you. Recommend that the property ow ner check references, portfolios, recommendations, testimonials, and other commercial roof coating projects. Explain to him or her the importance of finding a vetted, licensed, certified, accredited commer- cial contractor and that the company selected needs to have the crews, the knowledge, the accreditations, and the expertise to complete the job. If you're good, you' ll have all of that on the ready in a folder and clearly displayed on your website, which makes it easy for the customer to find out what your company is all about and how you can help him or her. Educating property owners about their roofs, their options, and your qualifications may be the difference between a happy customer and a missed opportunity. CP Joe Radcliff, CEO a nd fou nder of t he Nat ion a l I nsu ra nce R estorat ion Cou nc i l , br i ngs 25 yea rs of sol id e x per ience to t he const r uc- t ion i ndu st r y, i nc lud i ng 18 yea rs operat i ng h i s ow n con st r uc t ion a nd i nsu ra nce restorat ion compa ny f rom a t i ny st a r t-up to more t h a n $4 0 m i l l ion i n sa les t h roug hout 16 st ates ac ross t he Un ited St ates. Wide ly k now n for t a k i ng on t he St ate Fa r m bat t le i n 20 0 6 , R adc l i f f i s a t r ue pioneer i n lead i ng t he f ig ht aga i nst t he i n su ra nce i ndu st r y, a nd he won t he l a rgest defa m at ion c a se i n A mer ic a n h i stor y. R adc l i f f fou nded t he Nat ion a l I nsu ra nce R estorat ion Cou nc i l (N IRC) i n 2015 to pave t he way i n muc h needed i ndu st r y refor m . For more i n for m at ion , cont ac t : N IRC , w w w. N IRC4 C h a Notes From the Field USA AUSTRALIA EUROPE MIDDLE EAST Looking for a powerful abrasive to remove thicker and tougher coatings? GMA Garnet (USA) Corporation Call us : +1 832 243 9300 or write to us at Toughblast™ Not just any garnet. Toughblast™ is our new specially engineered blend built for strength and speed - a lethal combination for even the thickest coatings and rust. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #300

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