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MAR 2017

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2017 35 scratch lenses. • When one protector is being used by more than one person, it is recommended that it be cleaned and disinfected prior to use. • Store your safety glasses in a clean, dry place where they cannot fall or be stepped on. Keep them in a case when they are not being worn. • Replace scratched, pitted, broken, bent, or ill-fitting glasses. Damaged glasses interfere with vision and do not provide protection. (ANSI/ISEA Z87.1, Section 10.4) Safety First Eyes are irreplaceable and are such an incredibly powerful, precious part of our daily lives. We all strive to be safe, but at the end of the day, dedicated workers rely upon safety professionals to make educated decisions and supply products that allow them to go home with a good set of eyes. It was once said that the best pair of safety glasses on the market is "the one they wear!" at said, it is even more incumbent on safety profession- als to create a program that is actually used by those they are responsible for. Consideration must be given to address immediate and potential hazards, mandate protective devices, and offer training and policies that create a natural and habitual use of safety products. CP Kurt Daems is CEO, founder, and test ing specia l ist w it h t he brand Edge Eyewear, k now n for producing desig ner qua l it y eyewear. He received dua l deg rees f rom t he Universit y of Uta h in Business and Organi zat iona l Communicat ions. A s a member of t he A mer ican Societ y of Safet y Eng ineers (A SSE) and t he Canad ian Societ y of Safet y Eng ineer ing (CSSE), Daems has been researching , desig ning , test ing , and educat ing in t he safet y eyewear indust r y for 17 years, inc lud- ing e x tensive col laborat ive ef for ts w it h Colts L aborator ies and t he A NSI board of d irectors. For more infor mat ion, contact: Edge Eyewear, (866) 953-7325, w w Copyright © 2016 Wolf Peak International. All Rights Reserved. Safety Watch Inspect Any Metal Surface Coating For pipes, tanks or any coated contoured surface in the fi eld or inside your manufacturing facility, we simplify coating integrity testing with our full line of SPY ® portable and permanent Holiday Detectors. PORTABLE HOLIDAY DETECTOR IN-PLANT HOLIDAY DETECTOR SYSTEMS WET SPONGE PORTABLE HOLIDAY DETECTOR • Ergonomic design • Pipe coating inspections up to 60" • Extremely durable • Infi nite voltage setting on the fl y • No belts, lightweight, fast set-up • Sponge roller speeds large fl at surface area inspections • Interchangeable fl at or roller sponge • Custom designed to streamline manufacturing • From pipe coating inspections to large fl at surfaces PIPELINE INSPECTION COMPANY Ph: (713) 681-5837 Fax: (713) 681-4838 For more details on SPY ® products and our complete line of SPY ® Holiday Detection Equipment visit our website @ A SPY for Ever y Mission Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #119

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