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Caption here 62 MARCH 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM en it was time for the crew to set up for the recoating. A major component of that was the containment. "e first thing that we do is set up the containment to be able to protect [the ship] from the environment and the area from overspray," Erazo explained. But that also meant that they needed to control the interior environment created by the containment. ey did so by using honeycomb dehumidifiers and electric heaters. Next up: surface prep. Safety Call-Sign T hroughout the project, A ll-Star met w ith a Coast Guard inspector at specific hold points. Follow ing the surface prep step was one of those inspection points. Not w illing to leave it up to chance, A ll-Star first goes through their work. " We have a quality control inspector review the area and make sure that it's going to meet the standard before we meet w ith the representative from the Coast Guard," Erazo said. "Better that we address those problems beforehand." e inspectors each tested the substrate for profile, chlorides, and conductivity using Testex tape, gages, and bresle patches on surfaces that had been prepped using deck crawlers, blasters, and hand tools. Step one had been to use a deck crawler from SASE to remove the old coatings. "It kinda looks like a lawn mower that you walk behind," explained Erazo. Debris was swept up into 55-gallon (208.2 L) drums and disposed of, again by a third- party company. Step two had been centrifugal blasters. e crew used equipment from Blastrac and Goff with steel shot from Ervin Industries. e goal was to achieve NACE No. 2/SSPC-SP-10: Near-W hite Blast Cleaning. Anything that wasn't reachable by the machines was profiled using hand tools, again from SASE in step three, which was completed to achieve SSPC-SP-11: Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal. In add ition to standard persona l protection equipment (PPE), the crew had a safet y super v isor and used toolbox ta l ks throughout the project. T he ta l ks came into play par ticu larly when mov ing f rom one task to another. A nd af ter passing the hold-point inspection tests on the sur face prof i le w ith f ly ing colors, it was time to move on to the coating system. All Systems Go To apply the military-grade primer, three crew members worked as a team: one on the Graco spray gun, one on the hose, and one at the pump. ey wore full-face respirators with volatile organic compound (VOC) cartridges and Ty vek coveralls. It took the crew two to three hours to apply the primer, American Safety Technologies' MS-7CZ, at an average thickness of 6 mils (152.4 microns). T he next day, the Coast Guard inspector came back in to "confirm it was up to standard," Erazo explained. The crew was comprised of 3 to 7 people, depending on the task, such as the initial pressure washing of the top deck. To pressure wash, they wore rain gear and steel-toed rubber boots. VENDOR TEAM 3M Safety equipment and material manufacturer 3M Center St. Paul, MN 55144 (800) 364-3577 American Safety Technologies by ITW Coating manufacturer 130 Commerce Dr. Montgomeryville, PA 18936 (215) 855-8450 Blastrac, NA Equipment manufacturer 13201 N Santa Fe Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (800) 256-3440 DeFelsko Corporation Instrument manufacturer 800 Proctor Ave. Ogdensburg, NY 13669 (800) 448-3835 Ervin Industries Material manufacturer 3893 Research Park Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48108 (734) 769-4600 Goff Inc. Equipment manufacturer 12216 NS 3520 Seminole, OK 74868 (877) 265-2925 Graco Inc. Equipment manufacturer 88 11th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 623-6000 SASE Company, Inc. Equipment manufacturer 2475 Stock Creek Blvd. Rockford, TN 37853 (800) 522-2606 Testex Material manufacturer P.O. Box 867 Newark, DE 19715 (302) 731-5693 Tyvek by DuPont Safety equipment manufacturer 1007 Market St. Wilmington, DE 19898 (800) 441-7515 Marine Deck

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