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MAR 2017

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64 MARCH 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM way the non-skid's applied is a little bit different," Erazo said. "It's not like paint. Once it's mixed, you pour it on the surface and roll it out with phenolic rollers onto the deck." They used the rollers to roll the coating out onto the deck at the right thickness. " T hat one you don't measure," Erazo explained. Because the non-skid coating is applied to have "ridges," it gets a visual inspection rather than a dr y or wet film thickness measure- ment. It took a few hours to install the non-skid coating, and it usually takes a day to cure. On this job, it got a little extra time. T hey installed the non-skid coat on a Saturday and were back to work on Monday when the Coast Guard inspector came back on board. T he inspector checked to make sure that the non-skid layer looked evenly applied and that there weren't any spots missed. With the inspector accepting the coating, the crew pulled up the tape protecting the water ways. Using brushes and rollers, they applied the topcoat, American Safety MS-200 Deck Gray, at 2‒3 mils (50.8‒76.2 microns). Prepare for Landing Being a l l about the helicopters, the next stage for the ship deck was an impor tant one: apply ing the V L A mark ings. But f irst, A l l-Star had to create the sketch for the V L A s for the Coast Guard to approve. T hey have to meet av iation standards, af ter a l l. Because of the peaks on the non-skid coating that was to receive the VL A markings, the crew couldn't use tape as a border. It wouldn't have worked. Instead, according to Aside from a leak caused by another crew working on the ship, the project went smoothly for the All-Star crew. After only nine days, the port-side project was complete. Marine Deck CALL 407-298-7050 DYNAMIC DIAMOND TOOLING The "BEAST" GET OFF YOUR HANDS and KNEES ALL-IN-ONE MACHINE • Grind Right UP and INTO The EDGE • Use the same diamonds on the edges as you do on the main floor • Machine converts from 12" Head to a 20" Head in less than 2 minutes •Available in 3-Phase or Dual Phase Power • Variable Speed Type: DDT The Beast Overview GRINDER H H ZERO-TOLERENCE EDGER H POLISHER SLICER H H BURNISHER H SCRUBBER Zero - Tolerence Edging Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #387

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