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MAR 2017

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78 MARCH 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Tech Tricks P repping a concrete floor can be a bear if it's currently covered with tile. Before you can apply a coating, you first have to remove the existing tile and subsequent black mastic. e mastic works well to adhere the tile to the substrate, which means that it continues to be one of the biggest adversaries in the coatings industry. Sand may be the trick in your back pocket! e process to remove mastic chemically can be long and extremely messy; therefore, many contractors choose to remove it mechanically. However, when the mastic is heated up through the constant friction of orbital grinders, it starts to liquefy, making it difficult for the diamond grinder heads to attack and remove the now-gummy adhesive. Instead of having to stop and clean off the heads before continuing, try using all-purpose fine sand on the substrate. W hen spreading it evenly over the surface, the sand will help the teeth of the concrete grinding heads bite sufficiently into the mastic. You can spread the sand evenly using a soft bristle broom almost as you would a squeegee. As the mastic heats up and begins to turn into a slippery liquid, the sand will help thicken it, making it much easier to remove from the substrate. An indoor oasis awaits! CP Photo courtesy of Michigan Specialty Coatings Sandy Oasis By Ryan Tilly, Dig ital Brand Manager of Michigan Specialt y Coatings You now have another choice for your coatings contractor accreditation with NIICAP! • Distinguish yourself as a premier coatings contractor to asset owners • Stand out amongst your peers with the only industry driven and managed accreditation NIICAP's accredited contractors undergo a rigorous audit that verifies their ability to perform the best and latest in coatings preparation, application and inspection techniques and practices. Isn't it TIME for a CHANGE? Learn more at Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #37 5

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