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MAY 2017

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Industrial Concrete Michigan Specialty Coatings Industrial Concrete Southern Coatings, Inc. Carolina Management Team (CMT) Industrial Concrete COATINGSPRO MAY 2017 17 In the Industrial Concrete Category, Carolina Management Team (CMT) won first place for its CMT Gives Back 2015: Town of Marshall Water Storage Tanks. For that 7,500-square-foot (696.8 m²) project, among other details, safety considerations were highlighted in the submission. "Crew safety was paramount while rehabilitating the town of Marshall 's water storage tank, with particular care taken in the area of fall protection. e first step of this and every CMT project is a safety briefing to discuss the potential hazards of the site, structure, and equip- ment being used. CMT 's safety officer completed this briefing with the team and conducted training on man lift safety (a man lift was used to avoid using extension ladders and increase crew productivity). In addition, the deteriorated tank had significant mildew growth on its top, creating a slippery surface. Extra care was taken to avoid falls, and crew members were tied off to lifelines at all times while working on top of the tank." For the Industrial Concrete Category, second place was awarded to Michigan Specialty Coatings for its Adept Plastics — Containment Trench project, and third place was awarded to Southern Coatings, Inc. for the project called Titan Concrete Plant. 2017 Contractor Awards Winners

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