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COATINGSPRO MAY 2017 25 ad are looking for a service that your company doesn't provide, or are in a market segment that your company doesn't service. They may be visiting your site, but once they find out you can't help them, they will move on to the next search result. • Keyword B has a very high level of buying intent — for example, "repair warehouse floor flood damage." The problem and market segment are clearly identified here, and the visitor's intent to hire the company for that particular service is implied by the mention of flood damage. If a visitor is searching for information about repairing flood damage, it's highly likely he or she is coping with that problem at that moment and is highly motivated to do business with your company. • Keyword B is for a very special- ized service, such as "performance testing electrostatic discharge floors in Chicago," which has a specific audience. It's likely someone search- ing for this term would be preparing to perform such a test and have no other purpose in mind. The speci- ficity of Keyword B makes it a much better source of sales leads than the more general Keyword A. Get a Big Competitive Edge e point to all this detail: e ability to improve online lead gener- ation campaigns requires accurate and meaningful data to make the best-informed decisions. Since the vast majority of companies rely on hazy conversion data rather than precise lead data, their campaigns tend to flounder and may actually do more harm than good by wasting resources. Armed with this valuable data, companies will be able to allocate their resources more effectively and avoid chasing down conversions that turn out to be dead ends in terms of creating sales. By implementing lead validation, your company may be able to accelerate lead production much more quickly than your competitors, outdistancing them considerably over the course of time in their ability to generate new business. In short, lead validation could be the difference between success and failure for your Internet marketing campaign. CP Aaron Wittersheim is COO at Inter net market- ing agenc y St ra ight Nor t h. He has helped star t-ups, midd le-market f ir ms, and For t une 500 companies improve organi zat iona l st r uct ure and g row. For more infor mat ion, contact: St ra ight Nor t h, (855) 883-0011, w w ra ight nor t Marketing Savvy Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #34

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