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COATINGSPRO MAY 2017 27 Align A key component to fostering alignment with employees and creating buy-in for your company's vision, mission, and values is to find a way to connect the bigger picture with your employees. W hen the leader has an emotional commitment to the business's mission and understands how this vision satis- fies the employees' needs, that leader has direct access to igniting engage- ment within his or her workforce. Without followers, there are no leaders — followers will only voluntarily engage in something they think satis- fies their needs first and the leader's or company's goals second. W hen people can connect their personal mission and purpose with the greater good of the company, they naturally feel compelled to do better and give more of themselves at work. Rewards and Consequences In taking action and moving toward fulfillment of your mission and vision, there will inevitably be surprises and unexpected results. A person skilled in leading will continually assess the plan for achieving the stated goals and make course corrections along the way. Leading requires a keen focus on specific milestones as well as holding the context for and keeping an eye on the long-term mission. Great leaders inform their people of what their roles are expected to accomplish and how their roles and work connect to the bigger picture: the company's mission and plan. Developing Yourself To create a culture that drives your business's initiatives forward and fulfills the intention of your mission, you' ll need to invest time and energy toward developing yourself as a leader of that culture. How well you communi- cate your intentions and how often are critical components to the success of your cultural alignment initiative. To be the M.O.R.T.A.R. that holds your workforce together, you must make developing yourself a top priority. CP Magi Graziano, as seen on NBC, is t he CEO of Conscious Hir ing and Development, a spea ker, employee recr u it ment and engagement e x per t, and aut hor of The Wealth of Talent. Wit h more t han 20 years' e x per ience as a top producer in t he recr u it- ment and search indust r y, she empowers and enables leaders to br ing t ransfor mat iona l t hin k ing to t he d ay-to-d ay operat ion. For more infor mat ion, contact: Mag i Gra ziano, w w w.keena l ig Contractor's Corner Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #34

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