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COATINGSPRO MAY 2017 41 duty to take the time to educate the property owner on roof maintenance and repair options, insurance policies, and best practices. We start by dissecting and analyzing the existing roof systems, buildings, and even drainage systems so we can find the best solution for the customer," explained Shanton. is was also important to Shanton because, over the years, the YMC A had been battling leaks in the majority of its roofs since the mid-1980s. He and his team wanted to ensure that everything was done to give the YMC A a water-tight, energy-efficient roofing that would last for years to come. Together, VCGFL and the other roofing system experts devised a strategy for each roof. For the SportsWorld facil- ity, the entire roof area would receive Mule-Hide's Silicone Roof Coating System. For the Richard C. Geisinger Sr. branch, Mule-Hide's Silicone Roofing System would be applied to the low-slope roof between the basketball gym and the locker room. On all of the metal roofs at the main branch, a non-coat- ing system would be installed. Tear-offs would be completed dow n to the ply wood, and the ply wood would be re-nailed The nex t step of the four-month-long project was to pressure wash the roof, which was done t wice over to ensure a properly prepared substrate. Each roof received its own system for best results. Wearing hard hats, boots, vests, and sun protection at all times and using safet y personnel, the crew approached the coating systems — also used to mitigate leaks. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Restore the roofs at the two main facilities of the YMCA of the Treasure Coast in Stuart, Florida, from storm damage COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Venture Construction Group of Florida 301 Yamato Rd., Ste. 1240 Boca Raton, FL 33431 (866) 459-8351 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 200 employees SIZE OF CREW: 45 crew members PRIME CLIENT: YMCA of the Treasure Coast 1700 SE Monterey Rd. Stuart, FL 34996 (772) 286-4444 SUBSTRATE: Plywood and metal roofing CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Severely damaged and 40+ years old SIZE OF JOB: Richard C. Geisinger Sr. Branch: 63,427 sq. ft. (5,892.6 m²) SportsWorld Facility: 43,800 sq. ft. (4,069.2 m²) DURATION: 4 months UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » All labor and material costs were donated. » Deliveries and much of the work were scheduled as to not disrupt the daily activities at the facilities. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Called in roofing consultants to help decide strategy and system » Cleaned the roof with Mule-Hide 115 cleaner » Pressure washed the roof two times » Applied primer, sealant, and three coatings of Mule-Hide's 110 percent silicone coating using a single-wide tank spreader to an approximate total thickness of 69 dry mils (1,752.6 microns) in areas that required reinforcement fabric and 38 dry mils (965.2 microns) in all other areas using a tank spreader SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Took special precautions during all deliveries and material loading processes » Stationed safety personnel at each end of the facilities » Wore hard hats, boots, vests, and sun protection as necessary

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