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MAY 2017

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46 MAY 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM the combined size of the hangars and the multi-layered coating system needed to sufficiently address all of the requirements. No Nonstop Flights As it turned out, the timing of the job proved to be delicate on multiple levels. For starters, the multi-month expansion project was scheduled to begin in June, meaning the system would have to be applied during the peak of Florida's sweltering summer of heat and humidity. "ey get a lot of money to have a jet in the hangar, so they weren't wanting to wait," Cook explained. Further complicating matters, other work besides the flooring system — including lighting, electricity, and doors — also needed to be done as part of the Fontainebleau expansion. Unfortunately, those subcontractors were not available to start immediately, and allowing the subcontractors to wait until after the application of the entire flooring system would be risky since the presence of all those workers could have damaged the brand new floor. "If we were the final contractor — and normally, we would be — we wouldn't have gone in and even started until September," Cook said. "But they realized that in June, they had three to four weeks with no one in there, and they wanted to get started as soon as they could so that they could open those hangars for business." As a result, Cook crafted an innovative proposal that essen- tially split the job in two parts. In the first phase, completed over four weeks in June, his crew would complete basic surface preparation work and install a moisture barrier, prime coat, trowel-applied epoxy floor mortar, and thixotropic epoxy Hangar Floors Although the concrete was newly installed, there was a high moisture content. The Florida summer time weather brought high heat and humidity to this jobsite, which had to be mitigated before applying the coating system. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #266

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