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MAY 2017

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COATINGSPRO MAY 2017 65 machine per day. Because of the shorter days, though, they only got to around three grids per machine. T hey applied the poly urea to a minimum of 125 mils (3,175.0 microns) using 75 to 200 feet (22.9‒61.0 m) of hose, depending on the sprayer's proximity to the equipment up top. T he crew accomplished this poly urea layer wearing 3M 6800 full-face respirators and Ty vek jackets. But wait, there's more! Despite the poly urea being the last par t of the system, crack control and system conf ir ma- tion had to occur before the crew cou ld ca l l it a day. " W hi le they're spray ing , if they d id come across a crack, it had to be addressed," Bloodwor th ex plained. T hey completed ter mina- tion of cracks, which meant that at the end of any big cracks, they dr i l led holes to stop them f rom going any far ther, accord ing the Bloodwor th. Most of the cracks were sma l l, but the larger cracks had to be f i l led w ith poly urea, layered w ith a geotexti le fabr ic, and then covered w ith another layer of poly urea. e other hold point: coating thickness. "Just before finish- ing, the customer questioned us about whether or not we'd gone thick enough," Bloodworth said. "So he'd brought in a company to do core samples." e results were positive! Happy and Hardworking Despite the unex pected delay and consequences, Souther n Industr ia l Coatings prevai led. " We d id ever y thing we cou ld to deliver ex act ly what we were contracted to do — even a litt le bit more than that," Bloodwor th said. " We tr y to be as professiona l as we can and meet the contract that we were brought in to do whi le keeping [the c lient] happy." To achieve those k inds of resu lts, it took suppor tive leadership and a ded icated crew. " T hey were def initely ver y hard-work ing g uys, and they went above and beyond to do what it ta kes to get it done," he said of the crew. It 's safe to say that the entire crew f rom Souther n Industr ia l Linings can wa l k away f rom this project k now ing they d id a l l that they cou ld to ensure success. CP Before they could call it a day, the client brought in a third-par t y company to check that the coating met their minimum thickness requirements. And despite equipment and timing challenges, this crew made it work! DUST F R E E Significant cost reduction Stable process/consistent surface roughness resulting in optimum adhesion Up to 70X greater durability than mineral abrasives Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #165 Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #121

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