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JUL 2017

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COATINGSPRO JULY 2017 19 alternates, value engineering, substi- tution procedures required, owner safety requirements, bid forms, insurance requirements, bonding, warranties, and most importantly, payment procedures! Make sure to read these divisions and to highlight critical items so that you do not get bamboozled by the GC or construc- tion manager! • Division 02—Existing Conditions: As a flooring contractor, I never paid attention to Division 02, but that all changed when my failure to know and understand this division almost cost my business a bundle. I had applied a coating system over a large slab-on-grade parking garage that started to crack in all directions three months after placement. The GC and owner blamed my company for the cracks and withheld a large sum of money. It was not until I heard about caves underneath the building from a local that I looked back at Division 02 and discovered that this was a known condition. With the information from Division 02 and the addition of soil-boring reports, I was able to demonstrate that I had followed the specification and that the failure resided with the owner's architect for wrongly speci- fying a ridged system or any system at all! If I had been more knowledge- able about the project (aka Division 02), I could have avoided this mishap and possibly helped the architect and owner avoid a costly mistake from the beginning. Instead, it was a lost opportunity to be a better partner in the construction team. • Division 03—Concrete: If you are applying coatings, linings, decora- tive overlays, paints, tiles, or other finishes to concrete, you need to read and understand Division 03. Concrete is an amazing building material with hundreds of mix design possibilities. The ability to modify and customize concrete creates huge benefits for design- ers, builders, and owners, but each mix design, placement, and curing method specified can pose a slightly different challenge to those tasked with successfully applying finishes upon this substrate. Most signifi- cantly to glean from Division 03 for the floor coatings contractor are the following: W hat is the specified water-to- cement (w/c) ratio? Scientists have found that w/c ratios between 0.4 and 0.5 typically result in better concrete construction. High w/c ratios (more water of convenience) Specifying Success

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