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JUL 2017

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50 JULY 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM looking for an energy-efficient roofing system, and SPF delivers just that. "[e coated SPF system] helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from our facility, reducing roof temperatures and allowing our building to stay cooler and conserve energy. By lowering our air conditioning usage, we can impact the air quality in our neighborhood with fewer greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. is simply provides energy efficiency all around and supports the city's initiative to reduce the heat island effect in our urban neighborhoods," said Koloms. e fact that an entire roof tear-off was not necessary was also good news for all involved. A lthough there were some areas that needed to be repaired or replaced, these areas represented a very small fraction of the roof. According to Palmer, only about 60 square feet (5.6 m²) of tear-off was necessary. "We were able to save a great deal of resources, time, and money since we were able to use a product that can encapsulate the existing roof. Complete tear-offs also increase the risk of passerby injury, especially in a busy downtown area, and they are also not the most environmentally friendly option," said Palmer. Section by Section When the five-person Spray-Tec crew arrived at the FMS building to begin working on the roof, they decided to tackle the area in three sections of just under 7,000 square feet (650.3 m²) each. With the plan set, the team began pressure washing the first section using a Power Ease commercial power washer by BE Pressure Supply. According to Palmer, they also used a cleaning agent made by Gaco Western to remove all dirt, debris, and contaminants. Once the roof section was cleaned, the crew tore off and D e s p i te b r e e z y co n d i t i o n s w h e r e w i n d s c r e e n s w e r e n e ce s s a r y or work wa s halted, the crew applied 1½ inche s (3.8 cm) of Gaco Western foam with a Graco H40 proportioner. Parapet walls received two passes of SPF. SPF Roof Restoration AFTER A GRUELING WEEK, THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T APPEAR WORSE FOR WEAR IS THE FLOOR. Long hours, heavy foot traffic, deliveries, even coffee spills can't make this floor lose its luster. No wonder Sika decorative floors are known for their superior durability, easy maintenance and eye-catching aesthetics. They can stand up to anything and look beautiful doing it. ASK THE EXPERTS Call 844-529-7101 or visit to learn which resinous floor system is best for your unique environment.

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