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COATINGSPRO JULY 2017 59 New Concrete Curing, Sealing Compound Specialty concrete chemicals manufac- turer ChemMasters, Inc. introduced its Silencure DOT, a single- step, white pigmented, wa x emulsion curing compound w ith integral penetrating silane sealer. Silencure DOT is formu- lated to meet stringent specifications for curing new highway pavement, w ith long-term silane protection from damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing chemicals. Silencure DOT cures concrete to ASTM C309 standards. Its white pigmentation provides a minimum 65-percent light ref lectance to keep concrete cool as it cures, while integral silane meets most state requirements for reduction of water and chloride ion penetration. T he product also replaces the time-consuming process of separate curing, removal, and sealing steps traditionally associated w ith placement and sealing of new highway pavement. For more infor- mation, contact: ChemMasters, (800) 486 -7866, w w Tester Measures Soluble Salt Concentration on Metal T he new PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester from Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc. (Gardco) measures the concen- tration of soluble salts (salt contamination) on metal surfaces in accordance w ith ISO 8502- 6, 8502-9. T he gage also features an on-screen inter- face that guides users through the Bresle test method. T he automatic storage of a background ( blank) measurement comes in handy when performing multiple tests. T he unit displays test duration, sample temperature, conductivity, and surface density. T he tester is shock-absorbing and resistant to solvents, acids, oil, water, and dust. A two-year warranty is included on the gage body and probe. For more information, contact: Paul N. Gardner Company, (800) 762-2478, w w Fish-Scale Glove Pattern Offers Stronger Grip Hand protec- tion supplier Protective Industrial Products (PIP) announced the launch of its A mbidex gloves w ith Grippaz technolog y. T hese gloves feature a fish-scale pattern to provide strong grip performance. According to the company, they are ergonomically engineered to provide traction grip control on the outside and inside. T he tough nitrile stretch formula fits more snugly than tradi- tional gloves, offering ma ximum comfort, multiple use durability, and dexterity. T he gloves are available in black, blue, and yellow. For more infor- mation, contact: PIP, (800) 262-5755, w w Upgraded Gas-Actuated Fastening Tool T he Hilti gas-actuated fastening tool, GX 3, is the only tool of its kind not requiring an external batter y to operate. Replacing the Hilti GX 120, the GX 3 boasts several upgrades, including better performance in cold weather, smoother piston operation, increased pins per gas charge, and an improved nail transport mechanism to significantly reduce nail jams. T he tool 's power adjustment provides control of the nail embedment depth, and it also allows for simple nail jam removal. T he GX 3 can fasten up to 900 nails on a single gas can. It makes fast work of attaching track to steel or concrete, w ire mesh for lath or plaster, and water proofing. For more informa- tion, contact: Hilti, (800) 879 -8000, w w Damp Proofing, Waterproofing Coatings to Protect Buildings T he leadership at high-performance poly mers manufacturer Volatile Free, Inc. ( VFI) has added three new coatings to its product line. T he new products include the VFI- 608 below- grade water proofing system, the VFI- 690 water proofing primer, and VFI- 695 clear wall sealant/water-re- pellent. T he VFI- 608 is designed for water proofing below-grade masonr y surfaces, such as founda- tion, basement, and retaining walls, while the VFI- 690 is designed to seal pores in all ty pes of masonr y walls prior to top-coating w ith an exterior acr ylic paint of the ow ner's choice. Meanwhile, the VFI- 695 is intended for use on bare brick and stone walls and provides a durable, clear protec- tive barrier against water and dirt. For more information, contact: VFI, (800) 307-9218, w w Comprehensive Line of Disposable Hoods Supplied-air respirator (SAR) hood manufacturer A llegro Industries has manufactured and updated an entire line of fully disposable SAR hoods. T hese hoods are designed w ith the breathing dow n tube and head suspension completely integrated. As a result, the hood is constructed into a one-piece assembly instead of the standard three-piece construction. T his design eliminates the need for New & Noteworthy Send information and photos (transparencies, prints, or high-res JPG digital files at 300dpi) to Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine, 4501 Mission Bay Dr., Ste. 2G, San Diego, CA 92109 or by e-mail with attachments to

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