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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2017 11 Spray Foam and Solar Panels Are a Smart, Energy-Efficient Option for Your Business Over the last decade commercial rooftop solar has gener- ated huge megawatts of clean power to help reduce building operating costs, but these panels, which are usually attached by thousands of metal stanchions penetrating through a typical roof membrane, can be the source for many of leaks. With the rising cost of California energy bills, General Coatings Manufacturing Corp (GCMC) located in the hot climate zone of Fresno was looking for successful PV and roofing solution. We wanted to better control our indoor plant temperatures and to generate sufficient rooftop power to offset the spray foam manufacturing electricity requirements. Spray Foam Roofing and PV: Ideal Building Solution A California example of spray foam roofing's energy savings, use of in-house PV green power generation, and replacement of inefficient lighting with LED and natural skylights was GCMC upgrade in early 2017 of our polyurethane compo- nents and roof coating manufacturing facility in Fresno. Our 44,000 square feet, standard concrete tilt-up construction with a lap metal roof was upgraded with rooftop mounted 456 Suniva (US made) 335-watt solar panels and 4 SMA inverters. GCMC hired Barrier Specialty Roofing & Solar to install 50 plus new, dual use smoke vent / skylights, insulate our metal roof deck with 2" of Ultra ane 230-2.7 roof foam and protect it with Ultra-Guard 5700 High Solids W hite Silicone Roof Coating. GCMC spent $570,000 for the new insulated, PV gener- ating, 20 year warranted roof with an estimate payback of less than 7 years. is PV installation not only produces enough clean power for our heating and cooling needs, but also fully meets our manufacturing electrical demand. GCMC spent approximately $12.95/square foot to transform our production facility to exceed NZE2020 guidelines for industrial and residential use. Solar Panels: A Wise Investment for the Future! ere's no question that solar panels have become the standard for energy solution in California and the U.S. for residential and industrial. Our rooftop solar generates STC peak PV watts of 152 KW. e new Ultra-ane coated spray polyurethane foam roof weathered the tough, wet winter of 2017 to provide leak free, waterproofing performance as well as sealing our conditioned office space in low air intrusion efficiency. GCMC compared similar 2016/2017 energy usages on our PG&E bills. We reduce purchased electrical demand from 24,685 kWh to 1,907 kWh while increasing actual plant output production by 15%. GCMC lowered its electric bill from $7,274.37 to $19.71 per month. GCMC has in less than 4 months insulated PV operation avoided 53 tonnes CO2 emission. Spray Foam and Solar Panels: A Winning Combination W hile Suniva solar power has generated tremendous clean power for GCMC, the incorporation of spray foam roofing with PV as dramatically reduced interior temperatures on the operation floor increasing employee comfort, safety, and productivity. If you would like to know more about the advantages of combining spray foam roofing and installing rooftop solar panels, please contact General Coatings Manufacturing. Call us today at (559) 495-4004 or visit us online at General Coatings 1220 E. North Avenue Fresno, CA 93725 (559) 495-4009 (855) 495-GCMC - toll free Company Profile: General Coatings SPONSORED CONTENT

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