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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2017 25 Aliphatic urethane coatings are non-yellowing and very UV stable. ey can be made in bright colors, too, and meet most VOC rules. Polyurea coatings are of importance to the SPF contractor because spray foam equipment can be used to apply these tough, low VOC materials. ey are best thought of as a type of urethane, but they cure so fast that they are not moisture sensitive. Finally, within the acrylic coatings, they can be made with more resin and at a higher level of solids. ese products can pass the FM Severe Hail test and are often used in specifications supporting longer warranties. ey have physical properties approaching the values for urethanes and are an important water-borne option. The Right Coating In selecting the best product for a specific application, consider a broad sampling of characteristics, such as the "Coating Scorecard." It includes performance, weather/ regional suitability, and safety as the broad outline, and then calls out the specifics under those headings. In terms of the process, start with adhesion, permeance, and VOC (shown in bold). ese are the yeses and nos of coating selection. It must be legal; that means it meets VOC rules and the fire safety needs. It must bond to the surface, and that bond must be true when it's very wet to resist ponding water and the inevitable " bird baths." It must be the right type of coating in terms of permeability so it won't trap or accumulate water. e rest of the properties are on a sliding scale, from just adequate to best, and they should be seen as in a balance. at balance will not be the same in all regions, clients, or types of roofing. Finally, a key determining factor might include a project-specific need, such as freeze-thaw resistance, heat stability, hail, foot traffic resistance, or crack bridging. ere are a variety of different coatings out there, and it's important to figure out which coating is the right one for each project. CP Steven Heinje is t he technica l manager for GA F 's Liqu id Appl ied Systems, headquar tered in Parsippany, NJ. He has 32 years of research and develop- ment (R&D) e x per ience in coat ings. He is cha ir man of t he Roof Coat ing Manufact urers A ssociat ion (RCM A) Codes Task Force. Heinje cont r ibutes e x tensively to A STM D08–Roof ing and has w r itten many ar t ic les. For more infor mat ion, contact: GA F, w w So Many Coatings SUBSCRIBE. IT'S FREE. Get the latest industry news, business tips, and access to thousands of products & solutions. MAKE EVERY PROJECT A SUCCESS STORY.

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