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28 ROOF COATINGS 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Photos Courtesy of CV Roofing Systems, LLC By Jonathan Keim, Co-Founder of Choice Roof Contractor Group Before Accepting Work on a Large Roof Roof Coatings W hen the possibility of a large commercial roofing job comes along — with a very attrac- tive payoff attached to it — it can be tempting to quickly agree to the job and excitedly dive right in. But, as with most things in life, it pays to pause and think things all the way through. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider first. Getting Real Be honest with yourself: Can you handle this job? In other words, do you have the team, the tools, and the time to take on the scope of the work? And what about the know-how? If you're new to coating roofs, or if you're accustomed to much smaller jobs, would you be biting off more than you can chew by accepting this one? Weigh the Risks A big job can mean a big payoff, of course, but it also means bigger risks — and bigger consequences if you or your crew members make mistakes. Ask yourself whether you and your team are confident enough to handle this job and whether you have the resources to make things right if things go wrong. Botching a job of that magnitude can effectively shut down the business you worked so hard to build up. Remember the Little Guys In considering a large commercial roofing job, you should also consider what you might be giving up in order to do it. Will you be unavailable to your smaller but loyal customers for too long if you take on this job? If your crew isn't big enough to complete the big job and still keep your regular customer base happy, you might not be ready to take on that large job quite yet. Keep in mind that if this is your first large project, it will probably be awhile until you get another. Good Help Is Hard to Find It may be necessary to bring in additional help if you take on a large roofing job, whether the new recruits will be working on the large roof with you or helping service your existing custom- ers while you tackle the big job. But are you really prepared to hire more workers? If taking on a big job may mean bringing on new hires, there are some things to consider. For instance, will you be keeping the new workers on permanently or only hiring them temporarily? It is usually hard to get committed help if there isn't a long-term future. Either way, be prepared to invest a lot of time sorting through applicants and then training the new recruits when you make your selection. Do you have the time to do that? Be Ready Performing a major large roof coating project can be a completely new experience for you, even if you are regularly performing commercial roofing work for smaller buildings. ere is more to it than just ordering additional material.

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