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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2017 29 Large Roofing Job You're going to have to plan much more carefully and allot your resources much more efficiently than you've had to do on smaller jobs. Time really is money on a large-scale roof coating job, and miscalculations can hurt you big time. Be organized, efficient, and prepared. Playing With the Big Boys Taking on a big roofing job usually means you' ll be working for a large company w ith an excellent legal team that could put tremendous liability on your company if something goes wrong — even if it technically isn't your fault. Before taking on a big job for the first time, consider hiring a special- ized law yer to draw up a custom contract that gives you steeper protections than you've probably ever needed on a smaller job. Ask yourself if you really want to work with companies that have seemingly unlimited budgets for attorneys. A small roofing company simply can't afford a lengthy legal battle with expert law yers, so weigh that risk before you take on a large job for a big player. Keep Your Priorities Straight Big dollar signs can hypnotize even the most grounded of contractors. No matter how big a job may be, continue putting quality and customer satisfaction first and financial gain second. You can't put a price on your reputation, especially Taking on a larger commercial roofing job may seem like a no brainer, but consider a few factors before you sign on the dotted line.

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