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10 ROOF COATINGS 2017 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Surface Prep SPONSORED CONTENT 1220 E. North Avenue | Fresno, CA 93725 | T: (559) 495-4009 | F: (559) 495-4009 | Toll Free: (855) 495-GCMC | Location: 1220 E North Avenue Fresno, CA 93725 Scope of Work: Solar Installation Foam Re-cover Products Applied: • Ultra-Thane 230 Roof Foam • Ultra-Bond 10 Substrate Primer • Ultra-Guard 5700 Silicone Top Coat • Roofing Granules #11 Contractor: Project: General Coatings Manufacturing Corp. Spray Foam & Coating Plant 44,000 Sq. Ft. General Coatings Manufacturing Corporation installed 456 Suniva 335 watt solar panels in late 2016 to offset its growing electrical demand. The Suniva PV panels provided STC peak 152 KW, while UltraThane spray foam reduced building energy loss along with providing a more comfortable and productive workplace. The rooftop solar mount, using multi-point metal stanchions, raised slightly above the newly coated and insulated metal deck, was both cost effective to install, easy to maintain, and structurally secure. No tear-off or lap metal panel replacement was necessary. The roof foam with its natural self-flashing, excellent bond strength to primed metal was able to fully seal around the 100s of penetration stanchions. Barrier Specialty Roofing & Solar (Fresno, CA) installed the new roof system under challenging wet-winter conditions to exceed our expectations for water-tight and leak free performance. Barrier has a proven track record of successful large and high profile spray foam roofing, interior cold storage insulation, and complete solar field jobs in California and globally.

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