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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2017 17 Preliminary Notice at the outset of any work. Careful consideration can then be given to the validity of any lien that may be recorded and served for the work in question. But be careful: e risk of filing a lien on work not subject to lien rights may result in a judicial finding that the lien was improper and possibly fraudulent, subjecting the hopeful lienor to attorney's fees. Not Knowing the Special Rules for "Specially Manufactured Goods" Specially fabricated materials are materials that, by their nature, are not generally suited for or readily adapt- able to use in a similar improvement. An example of a specially fabricated material is a roof truss for a uniquely designed roof. Once the wood is cut for that truss, it cannot be readily adaptable for use in another type of truss or roof. A Preliminary Notice must be served within 45 days from the commencement of construction of the specially manufactured goods, either on or off site. In contrast, a Preliminary Notice for all other types of construc- tion materials must be served 45 days from the date of first delivery of said materials to the jobsite. Most impor- tantly, actual delivery of the specially fabricated materials to the jobsite is not required. A court may disagree with the lienor's classification that certain goods are, in fact, specially fabricated. As such, a lienor should always comply with the earlier of the notice require- ments, be it as a fabricator of specialty materials or as a supplier of standard construction materials. Your Advantage Part of knowing how to get paid fast is knowing how to use the intricacies of the Lien Law so you can avoid the traps. Use the knowledge to your advantage to get paid faster. e information in this article is not the same as legal advice, and each state has different laws. Consult an attorney in your state to interpret the laws appropriate to your particular situation. And be sure you get paid on your next job! CP Ariela Wagner is t he founder of SunR ay Const r uct ion Solut ions, a nat iona l prel iminar y not ice sof t ware and research ser v ice. She assists bi l l ion-dol lar companies in developing processes to secure t heir l ien and bond c la im r ights. Wag ner a lso develops educat iona l webinars and seminars. For more infor mat ion, contact: A r iela Wag ner, (954) 491-1861, w w w.sunray not Money Matters Shore Hardness Durometer 1-800-448-3835 l DeFelsko Corporation l Ogdensburg, New York USA Tel: +1-315-393-4450 l Email: Measures the hardness of non-metallic materials. Two models are available - Shore A and Shore D N EW n User-adjustable measurement time with onscreen countdown n Auto Ignore mode disregards readings below 20 or above 90 n Internal memory, statistics and USB port n Includes PosiSoft suite of software for viewing and reporting data n Advanced models connect to iOS or Android Smart devices n Conforms to national and international standards n Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included

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