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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2017 19 and manufacturing processes, while the vehicles used to transport coatings can have better fuel efficiency to produce fewer emissions. e coatings your company works with can be used to create greater energy efficiency themselves. For example, a coating that dissipates or reflects sunlight and uses insulation properties can be used on the roof of a building to keep the interior cooler, thereby reducing the energy needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature or a temperature needed to keep food or materials refrigerated. Another coating may reduce drag on a vehicle or insulate a vessel to keep heat or cold inside. Certain coatings may extend the life of machines and other assets by reducing corrosion, which saves a significant amount of energy that would be spent on repairing these items or manufacturing and installing new ones more frequently. Minimize Rework: W hen work has to be redone because either the materials or the applicator's job was not initially up to standard, more waste is created. Solvent strippers are used, overspray creates air emissions, waste materials are produced, and potentially harmful coatings are once again applied. Evaluating your work practices to determine the reasons why rework is needed can reduce this load signifi- cantly. It's a good idea to involve the workers who perform these tasks in this evaluation, as they have valuable insight into how things are being done, what may be going wrong, and how their procedures can be improved. W hen the need for rework is reduced, your application company saves time, energy, and money, while satisfying your customers on the first try. Your Sustainability With so many benefits for the environ- ment, society, and your business, isn't it time your coating application company considered creating its own sustainabil- ity policies if it hasn't already? CP Merrick Alpert, president of EonCoat, g radu- ated f rom Georgetow n Universit y L aw Center in 1991 and f rom Tr init y Col lege in Har tford , Connect icut, in 1988 . Pr ior to EonCoat, he ser ved in increasingly senior e xecut ive posit ions at R&D A ltanova , Colt's Manufact ur ing Company, Turbine Generator Ma intenance, Ecept ionist, Enron Energ y Ser v ices, Pacif ic Gas & Elect r ic, and Smit h Cogenerat ion Inter nat iona l. Pr ior to his business career, A lper t ser ved in t he United States mi l itar y. For more infor mat ion, contact: EonCoat, w w Notes From the Field

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